Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Christianity Very Short via Conquest's Third Law

Christianity claims to worship love, and therefore the instant Christianity became a State or in any way Official religion it was guaranteed to be a vast anti-love campaign. 


A hate religion, you might say. Inherently terrorist, perhaps. 

Either the pre-Constantine gospels were diametrically opposed to presently available gospels, or Jesus was always an anti-love campaigner. Either Jesus immediately lost to Satan and had his entire work re-written on backwards day, or the whole time Jesus just was, concretely and specifically, Satan. If the latter, he became the State religion and thus the anti-love religion because, by being the anti-love religion in the first place, he was well-suited to being a State religion.

Love is a higher principle than obedience to Caesar, and thus States actively persecute love as a competitor.


Anonymous said...

That's kust one verse in one questionable Johanine epistle though. I know Catholics went nuts with it and everything is saccarin love BS, but if Prots threw the Johanine epistles out, bubye "God is love" bs.

Alrenous said...

They didn't. It's why heresy is called "hate" now.

Maybe they said they did, but that just means Satanists are liars, ]mindblown[.