Wednesday, April 6, 2022

The Heavens Wish to be Generous

The heavens are generous because they desire to be generous. They want to look in the mirror and see generous entities. It's practically your duty to accept their gifts. It's not being selfish or greedy, it's about not embracing rejection or privation.

To be generous, the giver needs someone to be generous at. They require a receiver. Do you wish to deprive the heavens of their receiver? Especially when it means giving up wealth with few to no strings attached? Rejecting their generosity is both stupid and mean.

Do as you're told: be rich.

Facists know this: they reject the ridiculous generosity of the Sol, allegorically rejecting the bounty of the heavens. "Skin cancer! Blah gurg arglebargle!" No, they want to be vampires and they want to make you a vampire too.

"Heaven brings forth innumerable things to nurture man." True.
"Man has nothing good with which to recompense Heaven." Twisted.

The point of generosity is not to be repaid. Reciprocalism is hardly bad, but it's merely slow-motion trade. It's not a gift. It's a different thing.

The point of Man is to be someone upon which generosity can be lavished, so that those entities who wish to be generous can have the Free Will to be generous. The recompense is allowing heavenly beings to self-actualize.

If anything, among the gifts the heavens abundantly provide is the gift of humility, a most powerful and glorious virtue. Heavenly entities are incomprehensibly wealthy. The energy Sol provides to Earth, endless and vast as it seems to us, is barely a penny or two to the total energy of Sol. What could a mere grass monkey possibly give in return that would be at all meaningful? Humbly accept you couldn't pay it back even if you wanted to. 

If you had something to offer in return, it wouldn't be truly, profoundly generous. They're offering it because you have no recompense. That's not a failing, that's the point. 

Humbly accept the infinite wealth they wish to offer you. 



P.S. Need a rectification for the name [self-actualize]. The idea correct, the words corrupt. Talk like a person, not a wanker.

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