Monday, April 18, 2022

Scott Ritter and Some Leftists Aren't Wrong, Surprisingly

Whenever you get ground-level tales about government, you find I'm exactly conspiracy-minded enough.

"Weapons inspector" Scott Ritter spills the beans on how this stuff actually works.
Summarizing something from after the hour mark: "Hey Ritter, I need you to force your way into the Iraq DoD because they'll declare war if you do, and we want to start bombing by next Thursday." 

Next: "Albright wanted me out, but these other guys wanted me in, so we were all scrambling to meet Bill Clinton." Just in case you weren't sure whether the UN being headquartered in New York was about America declaring sovereignty over the entire world.

The best part: Clinton clearly agreed with whoever got to him first. Whichever made him do a public statement first, making it difficult to back down, is the one who won. America does not have and has never had a president.

Further: some real personnel-is-policy stuff. "I want X fired and Y hired." "Nuh uh we're gonna keep X and shut out Y." Nobody gives a shit what the policies are. Hire the right person for the right position and they get you what you want regardless of what the rules say. Anything man can made, man can unmake. You know what's easier than hiring the right person? Hiring exactly the wrong person who will strategically screw it up the way you need. Work with entropy rather than against it. (P.S. Ironically trying to work with entropy lowers entropy production.)

Sure he's a politician too and likely...shading...the truth. In particular, weapons inspector is a Wormtongue position, which means he has a Saruman who was telling him what to do, who he will never mention. However, every time you get clear accounts of these things, including physical events rather than fluffy abstracts, they look much the same as the stuff Ritter describes. He's not making it up out of whole cloth. It is hardly implausible to suppose Albright was a heinous Satanist piece of work. She looked like a witch because she was a witch in the Biblical/Dahl sense. 

P.S. Women really can't shut up holy shit. Don't bring them on your podcasts - they get mad that it isn't their "turn." Bitch, you don't know anything. You sound like a journalist. Or do journalists sound like women?

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