Monday, April 4, 2022

Alger Hiss Was Not a Spy & Genetic Roots of Communist Tyranny

Passing "secrets" to the Soviets was explicitly what he was hired to do. He was more of an under-the-table diplomat than a spy.

Only a spy in the same sense that every diplomat is a spy.

Sure you can argue about whether the Soviets were playing the Americans or Americans were playing the Soviets, but nobody was confused about who was at the table. It wasn't hard, since everyone was at the table. Approximately, FDR considered Stalin an American spy, never mind everyone else. 

He was (rather, they were) rigging the game because rigging the game was the plan. Very Anglo. Whoever got behind would be allowed to play catch-up so the game could continue. We were always at war with East Asia. 


For what it's worth, I say Communism is American as apple pie. Lenin and Stalin knew exactly what their plan would entail. Causing immense misery was the point. Stalin was a bank robber before he was a head of state. Lenin was exiled for being hazardous waste. Criminal underclass. 

Stalin was never Russian. Stalin was wildly Americanized.
Lenin was a Euromutt who likely suffered regression to the mean and the post-vigor hybrid degeneration. He was a miscegenated mutant with no homeland; a foreigner no matter where he ended up. His mother was a low-end aristocrat and his father was an upjumped peasant; these kinds of bastards are exactly what you should expect if you muddy your noble blood with commoners, no matter how capable that particular commoner is. Social mobility is supposed to be slow; fast mobility is a scam.
In shocking news, the Russian-Swede-Mongol-CryptoJew ended up following a German who published from England. You think you're a [melting pot]? Look at this nonsense.
Tell me you have no idea what your neighbours are like without telling me you have no idea what your neighbours are like.
I said [genetic roots] but clearly the problem is miscegenation causes alienation. This goes double if you're in part an inherently deracinized Gyew.

Reminder: Exit is necessary because corruption is inevitable. If you can't [nope] your country if it gets Lenin'd, then your zeroth priority is to [nope] your country ASAP, before it inevitably gets Lenin'd.

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