Friday, April 29, 2022

Moldbug Conspiracy Hypothesis

Being more cynical than the reality of GAE is extremely hard, but I'ma give it a shot.

Moldbug's wife didn't "die" she was assassinated. "And if you don't mislead your flock, your kids are next." 

Moldbug blogged under his real name and then got involved with real money. Two very serious sins. Living in metro cali surely doesn't help. In retrospect, it would have been weirder if his output didn't fall off a cliff and go splat at the bottom. Sins really do destroy you, even if nobody assassinates your wife.

He would take the easy road and stop writing, but now he can't. Under contract. 

If you look at post-mortem interviews, Moldbug looks wrecked. Grief, sure, but there's horror there too, as well as defeat. 

There's even a small chance she died of natural causes and then some deep stater claimed she was assassinated. Why let a crisis go to waste?
Further: you going to claim the massively overstaffed CIA didn't harass him? It would be weirder if he didn't get any creepy 2 am phone calls. They must have been sufficiently creepy, because he hasn't talked about them in public. 

Last real post on UR was 2013.* CIA gained the legal right to harass domestic Americans in 2013. Could be a coincidence, I suppose... I mean, there have to be coincidences now and again, right? Birthday paradox: the odds of a coincidence are extremely high given how many opportunities for coincidence there are. 

*Great post too.

What makes the provincial critic so grimly, hilariously terrible is that he imagines himself not just equal to the wits of the metropolis, but vastly superior. Is it even possible to respond? Shall the man of letters respond: “Excuse me, ‘Dr. Lexus,’ but I am resolutely heterosexual—as if it mattered—and ‘my shit,’ as you call it, is anything but ‘all retarded’?”

Quibble: intellectually, Rome, since at least Tarquin, was a province of Greece. Further, when Greece became too Platonic, it became a province of itself.

P.S. The difference between a sin and a regular mistake is complexity. Sins reliably cause problems that make allegorical sense without any obvious physical mechanism. The mechanism exists, but in these cases it's subordinate to the spiritual realities, thus complex and hard like all theology. 

E.g. selling your soul is real, and it turns you into an NPC. A soulless p-zombie. You can look at the changes in the brain and work out what's happening that way, but it's dramatically harder than just acknowledging that the things called [deals with the devil] are literal.

My boring hypothesis: if you didn't sell your soul to the devil at school yourself, you will 100% sell your soul when you send your own kids to school. Moldbug sent his kids to school, and became doomed.


Arqiduka said...

Wouldn't surprise in the least. Doesn't matter though, except to him.

Anonymous said...

In what way is he misleading his flock? What's with all of this ad hominem?

If you think he holds an erroneous position, just state the position & rebut it.

Alrenous said...

I have done so numerous times, and I'm unlikely to completely stop doing so, since his errors - as I've said in the past - are, at least, on topic. It's not like trying to argue about ZOG or something.

Anonymous said...

Zuck, Gates and Steve Jobs severely limited their childrens access to the internet and technology in general.

Interesting that.

Varg has kids.
Vargs wife is still alive and his political opinions are unchanged.

Moldbug didn't have the resources to have his wife homeschool his kids.

Alrenous said...

Moldbug, of course, couldn't compete with the vast wealth of Amish farmers.

Excuses are for peasants. Are you claiming Moldbug is a hapless peasant?
I mean, yes, that is my next guess also.

Varg isn't an intellectual. At least, I hope, for his sake, he isn't. A great performance; a comical thinker.