Saturday, April 30, 2022

America Summary

America suffers from a lethal affliction. There is a medicine which cures the affliction. However, the medicine itself is stressful. The patient is too weak to survive the administration of the required dose. Its only choices are dying quickly, or slowly and painfully. 

If the patient dies quickly, salvage will be possible. In this analogy, some of its organs will still be healthy enough to donate. If it dies slowly, the degeneracy will thoroughly ravage every tissue. Meanwhile, it will bankrupt anyone trying to delay the inevitable. 

At this point, killing America quickly is a mercy. You keep it alive if and only if you deeply, profoundly hate America, Americans, and their allies. 

Sodom and Gomorrah have come again. The challenge is the same: find 10 virtuous men. The rules are more lax; you have all of NATO to look through, not just a couple cities. 

Just like the first time around, we already know what you're going to find. Perhaps save yourself the effort. 

P.S. It's an allegory. [Look back] == [turn to salt] represents the fact that anyone who doesn't wholly and profoundly reject the American way is going to go down with them. Merely distancing yourself somewhat is not enough.

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