Thursday, April 14, 2022

Musk v. Twitter

I thought Musk was awkwardly flailing around at Twitter. Doing the cuckservative thing, basically. He's some some boneheaded things before, such as about AI risk and climate change. 

I was fucking wrong. 

Musk has now come and done exactly what I would have advised him to do. Damn! He's really doing a history!

Thanks for proving me wrong, Musk! I learned something! I don't even know what yet! (Can you tell I'm excited?)

That said, I think 50% of Twitter is very intentionally owned by a coalition of glowies, e.g. maybe a bunch of guys in the same Langley office floor, and they don't have to do silly thing like "follow the law." It's just that to fend off Musk they will have to show their hand. They will be held responsible, one way or another.


Joseph A. said...

Strike at the beast's heart!

Alrenous said...

You can't accuse Musk of attacking the cape instead of the matador!