Saturday, April 16, 2022

Morality is Infantilization

TFW you're a moron. I liken adults to kids all the time, and it still took me this long to realize modern universalist morality is about being a bad little boy or girl.

It's all rationalizations for feeling like you were sent to your room for being bad despite being 36 years old. "I got yelled at. :(" 

I gotta try this next time I'm around kids.
"This isn't a moral thing, I just don't like it and I happen to be bigger than you."
"It doesn't make you a bad kid, I merely put a stop to it because I can."

I don't know how they'll react, so I'm curious. 

P.S. My actual house rule is, "Don't piss off the adults." Likewise the adults have the same rule: "Don't let the kids piss you off." This is in fact for the children. Pissed off grownups will take revenge whether they're allowed to or not. Adults who "have to" let the kids piss them off become resentful, and they will take that out on the kids. They will not bottle it up even if they genuinely intend to. If you allow the anger to come out - or rather, require it - it comes out honourably and responsibly, and the kids understand what's going on. If not, it comes out as gaslighting and guilt trips and general abuse. 

Strategy is ironic: explicitly allowing parental tyranny is less tyrannical than trying to uphold some set of universal principles. 

Plus ultra, property rights. Make the adults explicitly secure their shit. Children can't secure their shit even if they want to, and it's best not to pretend they can. 

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