Thursday, April 21, 2022

Sympathy for Karens

They would probably be no more than 20% of the pain that they are if Americans weren't so abominably rude. Americans are as rude as they can get away with to everyone all the time. Nobody likes it when you're rude to them.

Digression: due to this background, being polite is a superpower. Bureaucrats can't even and just submit to you. 

However, Karens aren't allowed to call other Americans out on being rude. Which makes them pissy.
Not to mention all the other very-not-socially-constructed norms that are constantly violated, which Karens (and everyone else) have to put up with it. E.g. what if marriage was a promise and not merely a hat you can doff at any time.

All this anger has to come out somewhere, so you get high-pressure squirts out of every available nook and cranny. The instant they're allowed to care about a norm they go wholly overboard. Trying to soothe their frantic stress with an overreaction.

Thanks America. You did done an essential Americanism again. It's very American of you.

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