Saturday, April 9, 2022

something something ghosts

Sanctioning Hollywood is so easy I could do it by myself, as a reminder. The only problem is they're likely to sanction me back and then I might need an ally to not die.

If you were e.g. Russia you could import me and then use me to sanction Hollywood - what are they going to do, withdraw Disney?
I wouldn't be thrilled about having a bunch of Russians as neighbours, but on the plus side they have a bunch of non-hideous architecture and I would be thrilled about the fact the sanctions would take a form that would make me millions or possibly billions of dollars. 

I'm not super thrilled about the neighbours I have now, to be fair. Kinda legitimately prefer grizzly bears to Caino hypocriens. Only real reason I'm not a hermit inna woods is because I'm addicted to technological comforts. Grew up with the wrong kind of stimulation. Secondarily I have a weak stomach and probably can't butcher my own meat, and yet I'm unwilling to live solely on plants. I look around the world, but I don't see anyone I would be excited to hear was moving next door. Very sympathetic to Musk's desire to live on Mars instead.

Folk like Singaporeans and Japanese actually suppress crime, so while they're insufferable the same way everyone is, it's at least calm and peaceful. Also I hear the Singaporeans speak English, among their other three official languages.

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