Saturday, April 2, 2022

"Covid is terrifying but global thermonuclear war is a moral obligation."

As I keep saying, they have the opposite-day reaction to threats. Ncov was safe, so they freaked out as much as possible. The virus wasn't doing it for them, so they went for stress-induced kills. Destroy as many livelihoods as possible, because humans need a job & to contribute to the tribe, and peasants can't just assign themselves jobs. If the virus was actually dangerous they would have held hard to "just a flu bro" but done the opposite of taking off the cloth masks during the parties; they would have closed their own neighbourhoods to infectious traffic.

Global thermonuclear war would indeed kill a whole lot of people, so they're way in favour of it. Indeed they're down on anyone who wants to avoid it. Though at least in this case there's the counter-indicator: they will countenance zero personal risk. If there's the slightest chance of being domed by a missile the trigger man won't pull the trigger. 

If Putin would backroom promise to only nuke flyover country and avoid e.g. Georgetown DC, they would go for it in a heartbeat. And then betray him, of course, which Putin knows just fine. This is why dishonourable behaviour is unwise; it cuts off your options and makes you weak.

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