Friday, April 8, 2022

What Idiocracy Got Wrong

Openly using terms like "φαγ" and "retarded" is obviously right-wing chud, not left-wing chud.
Excuse me, less-leftist chud, as opposed to leftist chud. Dr. Lexus would call you a racist or whatever. He would use "chud," perhaps. Everyone would have blue hair. They wouldn't watch, "Ow, my balls," they would watch chickens being tortured instead, then say, "There outta be a law!" and go back to watching hogs get tormented. They would impress each other with how horrified they were, but if a genuine animal-welfare group started canvassing for donations they would all find excuses to keep the money for themselves. Maybe a rant about how congress is corrupt or something, followed by demanding free brawndo.

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Kgaard said...

Though in fairness outside of official (state-religion) circles, reality has evolved pretty much consistent with the vision of Idiocracy.