Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Incels Don't Exist

If you lower your standards, a partner can be found. 

Stephen Hawking was married. Can you compete with a petty, twisted cripple?
(I both kind of want to know how that works...and rather don't.)

Every incel is a volcel. The question is whether they're keeping their standards high for good reasons or bad reasons. For some, especially males, a partner isn't worth very much. The marginal value of an average American woman is close to 0. Yes, they can get a below-average woman, but then she's worth less than nothing. A partner can be found, but at some point you're trading on desperation rather than attraction. (Reminder that femcels can get sex, but not commitment. They can put out, but can't get it back. Only pathetically heinous femcels can't even get sex. Otherwise it's the same dynamic.)

However, that's not women rejecting them, that's them rejecting women. While indeed the positive-value women are rejecting them, well, if it wasn't contradictory and self-defeating we wouldn't call it crazy. Very American to think you deserve something because you want it. For some reason, children who never grow up can't get sex...

Rather, children who never grow up manifest their lack of desire for sex, one way or another. Obediently being infantilized, just like they're told. I'm sure the good kiddies will get the marshmallow they were promised. Any day now.

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