Sunday, May 1, 2022

Rectification of Names: Time is Boundless

The term "temporal" is supposed to refer to time-bound entities. 

Problem: time is infinite and unending. What does infinity look like in real life? It looks like Time. 

Time isn't a boundary. Time is permission. Time is permission to exist; permission to act. Time is omnipotence. All things that can be done require time to be done.

The "eternal" entities are those which don't exist. No matter how imperfect temporal entities are, they are superior to those that don't count as [are]. 

Don't confuse Time with Death just because you get old. That's on you, not Death. If you blame Time, you're saying you wish you weren't born at all. Set Time allotment = 0. Okay, fine, but then why are you mad at Death for fixing the mistake, liar?

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