Wednesday, February 9, 2022

If They're Not Threatening to Arrest You En Masse, It's Not a Protest

In case anyone wasn't sure: the Freedom Convoys have demonstrated that BLM and antifa are government subsidized riot organizations. If they weren't literally tax-funded you can go ahead and eat your hat. It's not some kind of weird solecism when Weather Underground operatives end up in taxpaid sinecures, they were part of the government from day 1.

All of a sudden, when you actually protest against the government, the police can figure out how to oppose the action.

Every time they lie about the truckers, they admit guilt. They're saying the facts aren't on their side. They have to use wild fabrications and desperate slurs because they have nothing else.
These shrill admissions only tell you this demonstration is a real threat to whatever is they're trying to do. They're calling the truckers "terrorists" because they are genuinely terrified. They're calling for arrests because if they don't get them off the streets they'll have to cave. All the truckers have to do is fail to give up, and they'll win. (Temporarily, at least.)

Thanks cops. I hope your pensions are worth your soul. You can buy it back from Satan, right? That's how this works? (Good luck buying it back from the corpse, btw. Never mind your soul, is it even worth your self-respect? Are you that cheap?)

P.S. If you're running a real protest, you have to plan on being arrested and tear-gassed, then figure out how it's going to work out for you anyway.

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