Monday, February 14, 2022

Very American: Lesser Man Tricks Greater Into Dying

The lesser man can defeat the greater man via lack of self-preservation. If one lesser makes the wrong bet, there are plenty more lesser men where that came from. They only have to get lucky once.

Still support duelling, though clearly the rules need to prevent this sort of nonsense. In particular, there is no good reason to stand out in the open while duelling. Dickenson should have had cover and used it.

A fortiori: a real country Jackson would have likely had no ability to issue duels due to being an honourless dog, but admittedly I haven't bothered to check. 

"So Jackson had a plan:
Step 1) Let Dickenson shoot me
Step 2) Aim better than him
Step 3) ???
Step 4) Profit [life]"

"Jackson never had the shot removed from his chest, he would cough up blood for 39 more years till his death at age 68. 

That's a hard dick sumbitch"

That's Satan's patronage, Communist. Dickenson was escorted out of this vale of tears. Forgiven for being born American. Meanwhile Jackson had to suffer for his stupidity for decades, and let me guarantee for you: he did not make it into Heaven.

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