Monday, February 28, 2022

Ukraine started the war. Doing so seems extremely dumb and it was extremely easily avoidable.

What if Zelenskyy hates Ukrainians so much he deliberately started the war to get as many of them killed as possible?

Likewise, had ncov been a real plague, the Regressive Inquisition would have superglued themselves to the [just a flu bro] narrative, to get as many people killed as possible.


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure he started the war to keep his fingers in the Eu energy market.

Russia attacks = the US can "force" Germany not to agree to NS-2.

One way or the other Russia was going to lose. Either attack and get condemned or don't attack and have nukes on your doorstep. At least this way Russia has a chance to smash a corrupt official.

Alrenous said...

get condemned lol

has putin been condemned before? 🤔

Anonymous said...

Come on man you know what I mean ! Attacking isn't free. Russia was "allowed" to trade with other countries, now sanctions, etc.