Friday, February 25, 2022

Condemning My Own Endorsement of Masks

I'm on record for endorsing cloth masks for reduction in coronavirus transmission and symptoms. In retrospect, I am an idiot.

Coronavirus escaped from a level-4 biosafety lab. I'm over 99% certain this is because they tried to cheat the protocols when nobody was looking (Nature is always looking) but still. It's not like they were taking swabs and handing them to local children, they probably just downgraded to BS-3 or maybe BS-2. 

Can you secure an entire country to BS-4? Yeah, no, that idea is what's BS. Trying to contain it at all is a fever dream.

In retrospect we also know it didn't even "flatten the curve," nor was meaningful flattening mathematically feasible. (The twitter graph forgot little things like "units" on the axes. It's okay: ~nobody on twitter was smart enough to notice, so it didn't need them.) 

Nor was any such flattening necessary. Hospitals reliably get overburdened by flu season, because they're Communist and commies have shortages. The last year they got overburdened by corona instead of influenza, because everyone who would have died of flu died of corona instead. Oh noes. The humanity.

A fortiori: containment is pointless. The four horsemen go together, like the ancients weren't all raving lunatic narcissists or something. No war, no famine. No famine, no plague. No plague, no death. The "novel" coronavirus did not become a plague...except in the political sense. Except due to iatrogenesis. 

The number I heard for the black plague among the upper classes was 7% mortality. Not even as bad as Spanish Flu. They got enough to eat. Indeed the mortality was likely elevated over baseline even for them because a bunch of them could afford not to go outside and would have depleted their vitamin D. Even the worst plague in history just isn't that dangerous if you can afford to eat whatever you want. Checksum: the black plague is still around. Kills like a half-dozen a year or something. If it was going to go all mass-murder again it would have done so a long time ago.

The problem isn't plagues, the problem is ill health. If you disrespect your body, Gnon will kick your ass one way or another. Plague is merely one way ill health manifests. If you dodge that you only get to experience another.

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JBPguy said...

The only endorsement I can give to masks and lockdowns is as a measure to force the virus to evolve to a more infectious, and therefore less lethal, mode of being.

Not possible for a virus to be super super infectious AND very deadly - like you can't have a bird that runs AND flies really fast.

Unfortunately you can't explain virus evolution to a normie. They still could have, privately, enacted this form of plan, but I doubt it. As per Jim - its the holy covid demon and we must use SCIENCE! to solve it.