Wednesday, February 16, 2022

European Genocide Supremacism

For the record, Europeans genuinely do have genocide supremacy. Peoples decide to kill each other sometimes, but the only people who can genocide a European tribe is another European tribe. 

If America decided one morning to depopulate Africa, that would be it: they would be gone.

If pales get tired of Islam terrorism, by the following Tuesday the Middle East is a sea of radioactive glass. Islam over. Fini. Fat lady sings. 

The reverse is not true; proof by inspection. If they could have, they would have already.

The world is lucky Europeans are so soft-hearted. On the other hand, we can easily see why non-Europeans are so desperate to encourage Europeans to suicide. It's genuinely a safety concern. After all, they can't fully control their behaviour, ref: crime rates. They can't guarantee they won't get pick a genocide contest with Occidentals at some point in the future, but we can both guarantee how such a contest would turn out.


Adept said...

The Mongols were masters of genocide as effective as any European tribe, if not much more effective.

And the Chinese are extremely well versed in the arts of genocide and torture. It just so happens that they have heretofore preferred to war, and to practice these arts, amongst themselves. If they decide to depopulate Africa -- or war against the West -- it certainly seems as though they could be extremely ruthless, resolute, and effective.

> If pales get tired of Islam terrorism ... Islam over.

Well, the Turks, for their part, were perhaps the worst thing to ever happen to Europe. They permanently fucked the Balkans, starting in 1423 and continuing right up to the present day, with terrible consequences that are familiar to all of us. If the Turks -- to say nothing of the wider Muslim world -- could have been exterminated at any point between 1430 and 1900, it probably would have happened. The will was there.

Alrenous said...

Mongols were little shitters by comparison. I have no idea what you're smoking.

The will was very much not there with the Turks. Again, put down the pipe.

Adept said...

By comparison with what? The Yamnaya and Battle Ax cultures? That rather stretches the definition of "European Tribe," I think, though the Centaurs from the East -- the R1A cultures -- certainly seem to have been very impressive.

As for the Turks, the will was absolutely there -- "there" being in the Balkans, in Hungary, and generally in Southern and Eastern Europe. I live not too far from that region, and can assure you that Hungarians and Balkanbros are still hopping mad at the Turks over things that happened centuries ago. But the Turks of old were adroit at keeping their adversaries on the back foot. They did an awful lot of damage, and, for the most part, managed to get away with it.

Alrenous said...

Well, you'll figure it out. Or not. Not really my business.