Saturday, February 26, 2022

Whelp. Everyone is saying it's the start of WWIII, so I guess we're fine. Cope and seethe, nerds. 

Not that I would personally mind a spot of world war. 

America: takes Iraq in six months. Makes sense. Real army vs. desert goatfucker army.
Russia: takes Ukraine in one day. Get smoked, bitches. 

Nobody wants to find out if American troops can beat up Russian troops, for numerous reasons. Except me, of course. I think the Russians would show they have inferior tech and superior Victory. The Russian soldiers actually want to win the fights, not merely execute them in the "proper" style. But of course, I want to run the experiment because I'm not sure. 

The problem is America would be likely to have a massive hissy fit about it. Full-on womanly hysteria...even if they win. Nothing tweaks a bitch's nose like winning a fight. 

P.S. I said: "America was bluffing about war." Looks like, at time of publishing, America was bluffing. Putin called their bluff, oops. It's almost like I have reasons for the things I say, so Reality keeps agreeing with me. 

Women change their minds a lot, though. Often for trivial, inconsequential, or downright irrelevant reasons. Just because America is for now cutting and running like a bitch doesn't necessarily mean she will continue to do so. Maybe the embarrassment of losing the Ukraine immediately after losing Afghanistan will be too much for her and she'll start throwing plates and stuff.

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JBPguy said...

I'd like to protest against your analogising the US as a woman. Women are useful, can create something.

How about a man wearing a woman-suit?