Friday, February 18, 2022

They Seriously Fucked Up When They Allowed an Explicit Prayer to Remain

"There is an important line in our national anthem 'O Canada' 

'God keep our land Glorious and Free' 

I feel like those in charge want to change this line to 

WEF keep this land locked down for our 'safety' 

Don't back down"

If you think the regular post is good at getting letters where they're supposed to go, you should see the divine version. They can read the intent of the writer and will redirect accordingly even if you blatantly use the wrong name. C.S. Lewis knew. 

Ask and ye shall receive. The heavens are incomprehensibly generous.
Why would this start in Canada, of all places? Why would everyone feel their righteousness and immediately stand up with them? It is no coincidence.

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