Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Is Enough Finally, At Last, Enough?

I don't have enough information to safely predict how the Freedom Convoy will turn out. 

Note that, unlike the "novel" coronavirus, it truly is unprecedented. This it the first globe-spanning anti-Globalist protest. It went global super fast too. The world has declared war on the World War Regime.

Usually, the Satanists lie a lot but they find one or two truths to mix in there. This time, it's wall-to-wall lies. Everything they say about it, without exception, is strictly the opposite of the truth. The obvious truth, in almost all cases. They themselves believe they don't have a leg to stand on.

The only question is whether the warriors will acknowledge they're at war and become willing to commit the necessary violence to defend themselves and seize the territory the World War Regime claims is already theirs. They shouldn't have to start literally shooting, but anyone who takes that option entirely off the table is destined to failure, ignominy, and well-deserved slander. 

Words are violence, birth defecters. That's not a reason to stop using words: that's a reason to use the most violent words possible. The ones that do the most damage to your enemies. 

The one who wins will be the one who wants it more. Keep in mind the Regime thinks even the slightest failure is death, because they are wrong in the head. Power addiction is the most destructive addiction.

Comically, the Americans are way behind everyone else. Ironic in the not-even-slightly-ironic way; reality vs. narcissism. Brussels is scheduled for a sit-in on Feb 14, whereas Americans won't leave the station until closer to Mar 14. Doubtless the FBI will try to arrest them first, given so much warning, but good luck trying to get a Twitter mob to cancel an owner-operator, lmao. They will try it anyway of course.

I can predict one thing, however: regardless of how this works out, it's going to work out in my personal, individual favour. You can restrict the search space to things which are good for me in particular. 

The especially funny thing is they're fucked in the long term if they don't drop the "love and unity" puke. Like Trump, all the Regime has to do is wait, and they'll be done in by their own sins. Seems the Regime has lost the ability to wait, though, quite possibly due to Trump's attempted perpetration of [wall]. This is very much a midget fight. MMA at the special Olympics.

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BSRK Aditya said...

> Keep in mind the Regime thinks even the slightest failure is death

Is this truly the first time this regime arrived at this stage? Does a period of bipartisanship ever arise after that?