Monday, February 28, 2022

Intent Matters

"people are the results of their choices. epigenetics is real. everything is 80~100% hereditary. people are dumber today than they were a hundred years ago. this is because everyone has decided to be stupid and evil."

Man: "None of what you said really means anything. We need concrete, material solutions. We need creative action and meaningful dissent!"

God: "...have you decided to stop being evil yet? If you haven't, your actions are going to reinforce your decision to be stupid and evil."

Man: "! No-"

God: "By the way, how has being evil been working out for you?"

(Narrator: In the past, Man said, "Either one of you assholes know the way to 1982?") 

P.S. That is an extremely precisely chosen year, allegedly by accident.

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