Friday, February 18, 2022

"BREAKING: OTTAWA: Truckers who agreed peaceably and quickly are trapped."

Point 0: JBP really needs to calm down and quit the word salad. 

Main point: will truckers learn not to protest peacefully? 🤔
Did playing nice do them any good? If it doesn't work, stop trying it.

When you protest the government, you have to take it for granted that the police are illegitimate. Otherwise you really are just throwing a tantrum. Asking for a beatdown from the local sadist. Checksum: they received a beatdown from the local sadists. 

VDH's analysis of Trump is outstanding. Nobody else even comes close. I am inclined to trust him. However, he says the truckers will win "eventually" and he says something else: the likens it to Tiananmen. Quick refresher for me: who won at Tiananmen? Which regime is in power today?

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