Sunday, February 13, 2022

If You Want a Free Country You Can't Treat Communists Like People

Ironically "human" rights are Community anti-[property rights]; it is the Communists who are the most inhuman. 

Which is of course why they have to bang on about "human" rights and "humanity" etc. all the time. 

Imagine a hairless cat trying to fit in with the non-mutant cats, constantly haranguing them about how important hair is. "Bro, we have hair already. The fuck are you on about."

Stupidity is a mental illness, and tragically the majority of Caino hypocriens suffers from this illness. Like all mental illnesses, it results in nonsensical and self-destructive behaviour. In this case, the normative stupidity is to forget how obvious "humanity" is because nobody talks about it. As soon as one of these deranged subhuman mutants start talking stentoriously about "humanity," they good-naturedly (i.e. stupidly) assume there's a point to what they're saying. That they might have any substance behind their words. Cainos will even creatively misunderstand what they said to try to wring some sense out of it. (E.g. the famous "centrist.")

The epistemically valid approach is to immediately assume any non-nihilist is guilty of exactly the moral failings they're accusing others of. As it happens, the hairless cat talks a big game about hair because they're hairless.

The only difference is that Christianity told you finding hairless cats disgusting is somehow immoral. We've all been taught to pity the subhuman mutants, instead of to get rid of them ASAP. As it turns out, nothing is more cruel than Christ's kindness. Enabling the sickness to survive is astonishingly sadistic for everyone involved.

"The workers. Owning the means of production"

In situations where the workers actually own the means of production, the Communists immediately freak the fuck out. They were always lying, starting with the Owenists in the 1830s. Or rather, starting with Protagoras in the -300s. 

By "free" of course I mean owned. Naturally in Fascist times the words get all muddled. You want a country where you can own things, rather than a country where robbery is lionized. Ownership and control is what "free" in a positive sense refers to. 

Admittedly, pretty difficult when Democracy is inherently based on the Totalitarian "right" of the legislature to steal anything that's not nailed down and to ban nails while they're at it.

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