Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Free Speech is Suicidal

The especially funny thing is they're fucked in the long term if they don't drop the "love and unity" puke.

I was wrong: they're fucked in the short term.

"Anti-mandate protesters are holding a twitter space “emergency meeting” in response to the state of emergency.

One who was at the Windsor/Detroit border blockade tells a story of how their communications were infiltrated, leading to organizational collapse..."

What does [love and unity] mean? It means you can't keep your gates. Which means anyone crazy enough to be obsessed can infiltrate and overwhelm your internal culture with sheer obsessive spam. It means you blacklist instead of whitelisting, which means all they have to do is forge a sockpuppet and do it again. It means you pretend you don't have a hierarchy, which means obsessive head cases can hack your hierarchy, put themselves in charge...and start gatekeeping.
It means you commit to trusting the untrustworthy. Hail Satan, right guys?
Free speech is pro-lunatic speech. The sane can be deterred from speaking; they have better things to do than die on that hill. The deranged can't stop even if they wanted to. Result: the twisted trolls drive out everyone who can think in straight lines.

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