Thursday, February 24, 2022

What's Up With the WEF

The World Economic Forum was founded in 1971. Over fifty years later, all of a sudden everyone knows about them. What happened?

They recently became irrelevant, so they started showing up in the news. They no longer have any power and can't intimidate journalists into not talking about them. At best they've been demoted to gopher. Chamberlain's assistant.

A fortiori: if the WEF somehow wasn't irrelevant, it will quickly become irrelevant because journalists will be telling all their rivals exactly what they're doing without their rivals having to do anything. 

Apparently Klaus Schwab should have retired a few years ago, but he lost a step and got punked by someone. Either that or scuppered his own organization so nobody can use it after he is gone. (They might do a better job - can't have that, now can we?) Showing up in the news has made the WEF a laughingstock with everyone who matters. I don't even need to check. You know how journalists look like complete clowns to you? They look like complete clowns to Imperial polyarchs too. Anyone who has to care what journalists say about them is likewise nothing but a clown.

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