Saturday, February 26, 2022

Fascism is Hyper-Christianity

Christianity is both egalitarian and anti-egalitarian. However, it is more the former than the latter; Fascists decided Christ intended to be radically egalitarian. 

It's an especially natural heresy, since Christianity is a cult for narcissists. Indeed, before the Fascists, Christianity had to repeatedly put down egalitarian heresies using lethal force. Eventually, the fact the book employs Sophistry gave a hint: use nice irresponsible Sophistry to trick Christianity into committing to itself, rather than responsibly and openly stating your egalitarianism. Worked like a charm. The heresies failed because they were heresies against Satan: far too honest.

The book says to honour your mother and your father, to not covet your neighbour's stuff, and to keep women in the back of the bus. It also says the high shall be brought low, and the low brought high. It tells you to turn the other cheek instead of securing your shit. Salt of the earth blah blah etc.

If we're all unworthy, who can be expected to, you know, pay for things? The parable of the talents is in the old testament. You're not old are you? UBI or bust bro.

Let's assume someone claiming to be the Creator God can write at least as well as I can. If I wrote the sermon on the mount, I would be writing it with the intent to be misunderstood. In particular, I would be intending for you to become Communist, and then to irresponsibly use the motte-and-bailey technique to dodge the blame. "When I said 'love your enemies' I didn't mean behave as if you loved them! 🙃" You're supposed to kill the shit out of them, but in a forgiving way, see? A true Fascist is never caught killing their enemies at all, naturally. They have someone else do it for them. If you hire a hitman through seven proxies, you're not getting caught. 

Let's check intent against the actual results, shall we? [...] Oh, well, that was fast and easy, wasn't it?

To really hammer it in: the reader is not primarily responsible for these results. The author is responsible. The one attempting the intervention is responsible for the actual deflection, by law of Gnon. This goes double when the author bangs on about being omniscient and infallible.

Fascism is just Christianity with any lingering (tried-and-true) old testament behaviours stripped out. When Christian claim to be an old tradition, remember paganism more like 30,000 years old. They play it up precisely because they don't have a foot to stand on. They can get away with it at all because they burned all the books that said otherwise. 

Let it never be said that Satan's patronage was worthless. If you solely desire worldly power, money and kratia, as psychopaths and narcissists do, someone like Satan is simply the optimum choice for your cult.

P.S. Do Nazis hate Gyews precisely because it's predominantly the new testament, not the old, which is full of egalitarianism?

P.P.S. The sermon ends with a warning against false prophets. Whereupon I realized it was obvious all along: Christ was indeed, also, the anti-Christ. Yeshua was the false prophet. Satan wrote your book, you dumb fucks. 

Well, it's not like you didn't deserve it, precisely for being that dumb. Further, Gnon deserves to be overworked for being so lazy about his job. Mercy is a sin.

P.P.P.S. The book of Enoch seems largely on the ball. This is exactly why it was rendered apocrypha. Not sufficiently Satanist for the mainline literature. The other apocrypha likewise was too heretically true to be included. 

Satan really liked to portray himself as pure white. The technique obscured the fact the details were all dissonant. Any colour and texture he could have plausibly claimed would have looked wrong next to each other. Result: "Christian" theology has a childlike lack of depth. Except its Satanology, of course. They know everything about their actual object of worship. 

P.P.P.P.S. Even infallible authors aren't infallible, because you're not writing for infallible readers. There's no need to write for infallible readers: they already know. Whether the error occurs on transmission or reception doesn't functionally matter. The result is that the theology is false here and there and needs to be corrected. Anyone claiming to be infallible is 100% a devil. They want you to double down on the fallacies instead of fixing them.

Also infallibility is death. Perfection is annihilation.


BSRK Aditya said...

> "When I said 'love your enemies' I didn't mean behave as if you loved them! 🙃" You're
> supposed to kill the shit out of them, but in a forgiving way, see?

It outright says to behave as if you loved them. Specifically, "do good to them that hate you".

JBPguy said...

>Specifically, "do good to them that hate you".

Sometimes, when a dog is sick, the most loving thing to do is put it down.