Tuesday, January 11, 2022

"My loyal fan has been clamoring for an update and I am nothing if not inclined to refer to myself as magnanimous despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, so let's do this thing."

This used to get me. It's a very clever lie. 

If you are genuinely non-magnanimous, don't pretend to act magnanimous. Just own it. 

The pretense isn't magnanimous. It's a pretense. It will manifest as a perversion of generosity. Lies are bad tho. The lie is this: they genuinely don't believe being magnanimous is a virtue. They're not doing it out of humility, they're doing it because they feel coerced into doing it. "I'm not good enough if I'm not magnanimous, so I will act as if I am, but I should be good enough even if I'm not, you asshole fuckers." This is what they mean, and this is exactly how it will come across. 

I decline. nthx, you can keep that shit to yourself, actually. Your "magnanimity" manages to be worse than being a miser.

Contrast: "I ought to be more generous." Alt: "I want to learn to be better at giving." Word choice is very revealing indeed. Narcissists always tell you about themselves nearly straight-up. Just think to check, and you'll notice right away.

Also: strangers don't care if you're good enough, narcissist. They just care if you do your job. Retail isn't a personal interaction. It's about exchanging money, not mutual validation. It's really not that hard...if you're not clinically insane.

P.S. Dominions is a pretty darn good game. There are some baffling decisions, but overall Illwinter did well.

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