Saturday, January 15, 2022

Bike Metaphor for Fascism

Fascism is inherently insecure. It's a Nash non-equilibrium. There is always a better game strategy that beats current Fascism - a more criminal strategy, specifically. (You can scam it for good, but this means perverting the scam. Pushing water uphill. You will be consistently beaten by those who ride the water down and don't pay those expenses.) The Nash equilibrium is full Communism, which means stealing literally everything, including that which is nailed down, and the result is universal starvation. 100% mortality. 

There is shit all Fascists can do to stop other, more fanatical Fascists from stealing their lunch, except to repudiate Fascism. Or, to become the fanatical Fascist themselves and betray their own momentary principles in favour of the higher, more-fatal more-deadly principles.

Like this:

Broke: locking your bike up.
Woke: stealing your own bike. 

The former doesn't work, so you have to do the latter. Of course, bike thieves can't actually ride the bike around, can they? Maybe for a bit, but it will only get stolen in turn the instant they take their eyes off it. They have to fence it. Broke: riding your bike. Woke: fencing your own bike.

In the end everyone who wants to ride a bike tries to find one to steal, but since everyone is a thief, nobody has bikes to steal

In the end, everyone who wants to eat steals the food, but since everyone is a thief, there are no farmers, no food to steal, and everyone starves to death. 

P.S. Realistically the stress becomes so great that Fascism really does get repudiated. However, the populations of the city of Rome and Szechuan dropped by 90%. It goes pretty far. None of Nature's plagues have a 90% fatality rate, but Communism does. 

Humanity wanted to prove it's better than God? Good work: you're better at killing yourself than God is.

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JBPguy said...

That article is absolutely amazingly hilarious!!!

Diocleatian :
>Everything is so expensive because of the rich hoarding everything!!!
>Time for a command economy!!!!!!

Lord, do we never pay attention to history?

It's also utterly shocking how much tax we're willing to pay. And we STILL print money like we got a great deal on the ink.