Saturday, January 22, 2022

Honour is Not Mandatory

Free Will: honouring the heavens is not mandatory. 

Most gods won't wrath you for dishonouring their principles. They're chill like that. E.g. Mars won't curse you for trying to avoid getting tested or for subverting a conflict.
On the other hand all my favourite gods (e.g. Gnon) will wrath the shit out of you. This is how I honour Mars, not coincidentally. I engage mainly with the gods that will core my face for getting it wrong. The more wrathful, the better. I will take a god who has no blessings at all as long as the wrath is ferocious and on point, just to flex. "Days since last wrathplace incident: I dunno, thousands? We lost count."

Mars will bless your opponents, though. 

This is why you never, ever have to be afraid of a Fascist. Because of them, Mars has all these spare blessings. You can get a dozen for a penny. Fight with any sort of real piety and it's impossible to lose. They're weak

The reason you don't want to worship Satan is because he's weak. He doesn't give you power and glory, you give him power and glory. Nearly everything he has is something you yourself gave him in the first place. 

Subverting a subversion is nearly to force someone to honour Mars. Treating the honourless with honour is itself a sin. You can make them think there's no conflict to be had. I can and do. A lot like sliding a knife just above someone's bottom rib in public and nobody notices. They just quietly start bleeding. "Where did all this blood come from?" They get distracted and aren't even watching you. Slide another knife in or go mind your own business: doesn't matter, they're not paying attention. 

P.S. As long as you fight your hardest, Mars doesn't even mind personally losing. He'll congratulate you in person, just as soon as he puts his arm back on so he can shake your hand. A real bro upstairs there. Not a wrathful one. 

In general gods won't curse, but they will withdraw their blessings, which is, according to the loss aversion ASIC, effectively a curse. Withdrawal of favour is enough. You don't have to honour them, but it's generally still a terrible idea to actively thumb your nose at them.

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