Monday, January 24, 2022


I've said it clearly, but not all in one place. I have a bad habit where I imply things rather than saying them straight out. (I blame someone else, but they're dead already. For several other reasons beside, either I fix it or nobody does...)

Atheism == Satanism == Narcissism == Sophistry == Fascism.

America has always been a Satanist theocracy.
Every American reference to "God" refers explicitly and specifically to Satan. I suppose the one on the banknotes may refer to Mammon, but don't be pedantic.

Does it seem strange that the nation that worships the prince of this world (e.g. Luke 4:5-7) should end up as a world empire? 

Or that this empire would be a hellish dystopia? 

Does it seem strange that even the alleged Christians of America are so impious? Even, or rather especially, the Bible-thumpers? 

P.S. Fascism == secular humanism == universalist unitarianism == radical egalitarianism == envy worship == the revolutionary regime, the high shall be brought low, and the low raised high. (Isaiah 40:4)

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