Saturday, January 29, 2022

Lacunae Regarding Intuition

There's IQ, your solar path explicit knowledge power.
Then there's intuition, the lunar path cognitive grasping power. 

They may be independent, or tightly linked. I'm not sure. They shouldn't be, though. IQ is work and intuition is free. It's the difference between being strong and being able to hoist the arch into place, and having the arch fall into place of its own accord.

Speaking of things I don't know, the power of your intuition is measured in how often it's just telling you that you don't already know. My intuition very rarely tells me I don't know, except for things that are inherently unknowable.

Is that normal, or is that huge?
For example, I apparently knew all about faeries all along. Nobody had to teach me, I have been and am inherently aware of how all that works - not consciously per se, but it has always all been there should I need it.

I can easily see folk using "cope" i.e. falsifying their intuitions. I also see folk failing to do any reps of set 2, so they can't hear what their intuition actually knows. 

Ironically, to learn the language of your intuition is intuitive. Know it by learning you already knew.  

What I don't know is whether my intuition is normal or again a ridiculous superability, like my IQ. Is this something that's factory default on Caino hypocritus, or do I functionally have oracular divination? I've noticed others using similar levels from time to time, but I don't know if that's because it's so common nobody feels the need to mention it, or they often don't mention it because they often don't have it.

Wanna help a [pseudonymous asshole on the internet] out with that?

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