Thursday, January 27, 2022

Antisocial Media: Autism Made Me Use Twitter & Musings on Meatspace Socializing

Every heavy twitter suffers from major mental illness. Facebook may cause illness, but the effect is marginal. For twitter, and stuff like instagram, the crazy is the price of entry. You have to be disturbed or you instead do this weird thing where you talk to people in real life.

In my case, autism.

Twitter looks crazy batshit and also retarded. But I have autism: everyone looks batshit crazy and retarded all the time. I can't easily tell the difference. Everyone was using twitter, so I assumed there was some spergy blind spot stopping me from seeing that it actually works.

There wasn't. Twitter is mental illness.

Reminder that very few people are even meaningfully on the internet, let alone on twit-ter.

"In the US, 92% of tweets come from the top 10% of users."
"On average, Twitter US users spend 158.2 minutes per month on the app." Two and maybe a half hours. Per month. Only 1 in 7 Americans have a twit-ter account at all. Meaning essentially all twits come from 1/70th of the population, well less than 2%. The intended use case for twit-ter, the blucheka, is of course an even more rarified group.
You're a candidate for mental health (similar to, but not quite the same as, being a normie) if you spend no more than half an hour on social media a week. Maybe you get a pass for spending the train ride / uber to the bar messaging the guy you're physically meeting at the bar. 

That's pretty much a joke: if you do bar statistics, they look like twit-ter statistics, though it's not one monolithic company so the numbers are more expensive. Bar whores are not healthy, and this has never been untrue.

Bar whores are not healthy, and this has never been untrue. The difference between a chad and a virgin is no difference if the chad doesn't have kids. With his wife, meaning he has no time to go to the bar. This is more or less why social media hasn't caused anything new in America. It's pretty much the batshit crazy bar scene, but online instead. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I know occidentals used to meet in each other's houses. Having each other over for dinner and so on. Sometimes even holding this strange event known as a "party" where you invite more than one family over at a time. These weirdos like, enjoy each others company and even do it a second time!
Do you still do that? It's clearly in decline, but I don't know by how much.
Even if you're just going to lounge around watching TV, it's generally better with more people around than by yourself. Unless you're all negative on the social-skills scale or something.

Being autistic I'm more interested in the house than the company, so I try not to get myself invited anywhere...

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