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Brain Damage Archives: "Inevitable Historical Forces" vs. Satanic Narcissism

Nick Land: "Unrelenting blizzard of swirling inter-excited abhorrence. Among the greatest works of synthesis I've ever seen."

Typically this is a bad sign. Someone has been giving Land his narcissistic supply. However, we all live in Pontus now, and it's not like you yahoos are sending me any links. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The basic thesis is correct, at least: Woke isn't going anywhere.
At best, the stormtroopers are getting their long-delayed crack upside the cranium for doing Wokeness so stupid. Satan is a shitty manager. He knows what he's doing but he has serious issues getting any of his devils to actually do it. Because they're devils. You know how Jews always get rules-lawyered and betrayed at the first opportunity when they perform one of their traditional/lindy devil-summoning rituals? Do you suppose devils behave any better for Satan? Personnel is policy.

"(note the foe hasn’t even been successfully named yet, let alone routed)"

You should know by now what I'm going to say - the problem is the foe isn't a foe, and naming it means looking the mirror. It's Fascism. 

"The world is divided into a dualistic struggle between oppressed and oppressors"

Dogmatism and xenophobia / obsession with the Plot of the Enemy.


"language fundamentally defines reality; therefore language (and more broadly “the word” – thought, logic, logos) is raw power"

More precisely, social reality == reality, in other words Narcissism with a capital N. 


"his has created power hierarchies enforced by the creation of false boundaries and authorities"

Narcissists always project.

Non-narcissists aren't fussed about hierarchies at all. I know this may be difficult to grasp, because we were all raised surrounded by narcissists and expected to act as narcissistically as possible. The point is if you have sheep and I want to buy a fleece, it doesn't particularly matter whether you're a plague-ridden leper or literally a glorious and humbling Avatar of God. The bale is still $650. I still get my fleece. If you're literally King You and demand I bow and scrape, maybe I'll even do it if you chunk the price down to $600. Otherwise I'm going to your neighbour and buying his fleece instead.

Narcissists can't cooperate. They can only deviate, so who can get away with defecting on whom is always foremost in their minds. They cannot forget the hierarchy for even a second, or they will try to bully someone who carries a bigger stick.

"no oppression existed in the mythic past, the utopian pre-hierarchical State of Nature"

A tragic half-memory of their innocent pre-narcissism childhood. Before their minds had been shattered into a thousand pieces and colonized by demons and devils, they were capable of cooperating.

"all disparities visible today are de facto proof of the influence of hierarchical oppression"

Narcissists are consumed by envy. They believe anyone inspiring envy in them is doing it on purpose, i.e. "oppressing" them. 

"and power redistributed from the oppressors to the oppressed"

Deep down narcissists are aware they're broken and need drastic action taken to even bring them back up to par. They sometimes visualize the problem as a liquid the healthy have that they are lacking, which could conceivably be scooped out of the healthy and poured into them. They call it wealth and power because narcissists lack imagination and can't imagine anything more to life than materialism. Secondly because they're so desperate for sustenance that they've forgotten anything except base sustenance exists.

In reality what they're missing is love.
You can watch Christians cynically exploiting this to induct narcissists into their cult.

Narcissism is not correctly named. Ironically, the very last place a narcissist will look is in the mirror.
It's not like they don't know what they would see, after all. They see it every day. They can't see anything else.

"I could go on, but the real point is that these are faith-beliefs"

Is every false religion an expression of mental illness?

Come to think, yes. Indeed, committing to a false religion will reliably cause dementia. To either come to the beliefs, or to keep the beliefs, Reality must be distorted. What is the fundamental symptom of every mental illness? Reality distortion.

Proof by contradiction: if your "crazy" beliefs are true, they're not crazy.

"I mean, did the gaping hole of meaning in people’s lives created by the uprooting forces of secular liquid modernity get resolved in some alternative way while we weren’t looking?"

Ironically, this guy is Woke. 

Again, I know this is hard to believe, but like poverty and concealment, the natural state of humanity is meaningfulness. 

99% of the time, someone with existential meaning problem needs to have kids. After their firstborn, you go all, "Oh, right. Yes. Now I get it." Typically day-of.

Having a kid is merely the obvious one. Meaning is everywhere. Only an all-hands-on-deck all-out assault on meaning could possibly render the world seemingly meaningless. If you want a meaningful life, all you have to do is stop digging. (If this seems difficult, it's because practically all your habits include a shovel, and you've been told all your life the shovels are ladders.) 

"And in fact, meanwhile, it also seems that…3. Social atomization hasn’t reversed."

Is Homo Sapiens (Caino Hypocritus Hypocritus) a social animal or not? Do you suppose for an instant that you can atomize families without the ongoing application of tremendous force?

It's sure handy when you take these sorts of things for granted, isn't it? When you consider fighting back against atomizing forces about as much as you consider fighting back against a thunderstorm?

The atomizing measures are extremely expensive; if you fought back even a little they would become unaffordable. But then, they wouldn't stop trying to pay for it, and America per se would become insolvent. I can see why you might hesitate. 

You are a faithless coward, right? This author certainly is. We can't expect any better.

"Atomization is probably the inevitable byproduct of liberal modernity."

I do so love it when the prey refuses to even run, considering my jaws the inevitable byproduct of historical forces.

No wait that's a lie. I hate it and it's boring. There's no pride in being a lion when a toothless badger can hunt exactly the same prey I can. Heck, at this point the sheep are so docile they'll let themselves get eaten by other sheep.

These idiots will die on their own even if I don't do anything. The only benefit to doing it myself is my teeth are sharp and I can end it quick.

N.B. you can literally, with your physical teeth, bite off a ram's balls, without getting kicked. It was a standard practice for centuries, and may still be standard. Fascists make sheep look hard and sharp.

"That is: liberalism made the autonomy of the individual its highest good."

TFW φαγγωτ Plato makes your "intellectuals" look like drooling midgets. The anti-intellectualism is real. Very real indeed.

"the state therefore found itself obliged"


"being unable to resist claims"


Literally defending his parasite. "No no I need this worm boring through my skull." Well, I mean, it's true that if I yank it away from you, it will stop plugging the hole with its body and you'll bleed out...

"exercise its power to help progressively liberate the individual from all limits and constraints"

Cool. So it has liberated me from the constraint which stops me selling myself into slavery.
Cool. It has liberated me from the constraint which stops me from signing a no-divorce marriage contract.
Cool. It has liberated me from having to pay taxes.
Try listening to what comes out of your mouth, you illiterate child. Did you know words have meanings? It's true! Mind blown yet?

The actual problem is envy. The narcissist needs to be "liberated" from anything which inspires envy. Grass is greener? Envy. More loving family? Envy. Mayor better than your mayor? Envy. Etc etc.

In reality having a community isn't illegal. The Amish are still around. You don't have to reject technology the way they do, but you do have to reject America. What would the neighbours say? 

You do have to reject Prussian schooling. You have to let the neighbours call you "ignorant." You do have to look at every situation and notice how it's being warped, then un-warp it. Which means being able to recognize Fascism as Fascism when you see it.

You have to accept that Envy is a sin and indulging it - as you have been doing - makes you a bad person. Oof.

In short you have to stop being Plato's democratic man.

"On the one hand it is actually a kind of anti-liberal reactionary movement, a blind, emotional scramble to grasp desperately for collectivism"

Please tell me I don't have to refute this narcissistic puke. I guess I'll include a hint, just in case: Manicheanism as opposed to Daoism.

"“Wokeness” so often seems mixed up and chaotically self-contradictory"

Turns out Sophists gonna Soph. They're lying, no wonder it doesn't make internal sense.
Second they're insane and/or preying on the insane. Turns out madness looks crazy. Who would have thought.

"in the most basic, tribal sort of community seemingly still available: in identity groups"

Nobody comes out and says you have to hate your family. Instead it (apparently) becomes so unthinkable that they start to believe families aren't even a thing.

Well, okay. Hey, protip: your brothers and sisters are more similar to you than anyone else on the planet, by a wide margin. Making friends with them is easier than making friends with anyone else, and thus it's good to start with them if you need to practice. 

Unless your parents are literally soul-killed, you cannot make them stop putting up with you. This means you can make infinity mistakes and be 100% forgiven the next day. You can try again until you stop making mistakes. 

Family is easy mode. 

Mine was literally soul-killed though. So there's that possibility.

"in fixed racial identity in particular"

I don't know if you've heard. Maybe the news is a bit new and I'm asking too much.
Hey: it turns out your full-blooded siblings are typically the same race as you. Usually. 

What a fucking liar. Nobody is this stupid and still capable of tying their shoes without a minder.
When I describe Fascism as theocratic Satanism, never doubt I'm 100% serious. It's so true it's pretty funny.

"But, on the other hand, it simultaneously attempts to continue embracing the [social construction of narcissist identity] as its most sacred principle, celebrating a [narcissist’s] right to self-define everything about themselves without limit, up to and including their own concept of material reality."


"(This cognitive dissonance has never been much more than an ideological speedbump, however – don’t get your hopes up.)"

(Crazy people tolerate craziness - don't get your hopes up.) 

The insight. So profound.

"And this hyper-individualism"

I guess I'll be explicit: collectivism is also narcissism. This is why narcissists always make this Manichean dichotomy: it gets them out of looking in the mirror.

"offering hope for the boundless potential necessary to escape from any [non-social, physical, external] limits whatsoever"

...such as the fact collectivism has been a catastrophic failure every time it's been tried.

"Ultimately, what’s more important in driving societal change: ideas, individuals, material conditions, or technological forces? That’s a fascinating question to debate"

...because it lets us avoid the real issues completely. 

"it’s become manifestly clear that the ongoing revolution in information technology, most notably the internet and social media, has been a tremendous driver of cultural and political change."

The fact this author is claiming this is, in and of itself, evidence against the thesis.

In Reality technology is merely revealing the narcissism that Americans always suffered from. At most it's broken a few dikes or berms which hid the worst bits from view. 

"In fact a growing number of [narcissists] tend to attribute nearly the entire phenomenon of Wokeness to technological factors."

Heaven is not a democracy. Ad populum is a fallacy. The fact a lot of narcissists like it is prima facie evidence that it's insane.

"Social scientist Jonathan Haidt"

Yup, definitely cope.
Reminder: the actual significant event in 2009-2012 was one of the CIA's hobbles being released; now it's legal for them to perform explicit psyops on Americans in America. 

Journalists are irresponsible professional gossips, and somehow manage to be even more ignorant than the emptiest airhead stay-at-home Karen you've ever met.

We're done here.

"There is no authority."


"Who or what institution today is now able to establish any kind of common metaphysical framework"

omg are you high
like I know this moron is an idiot, but I'm still a bit dumbstruck

Narcissism. I said it twice because, because oh my fucking god.

Every American is a walking clone of every other American, but they spend so much time navel-gazing they can actually tell the difference. Which they then pretend is significant in any way.

They won't even use not-Twitter if not-Twitter is available. And they certainly won't read their de Tocqueville. (If the illiterates even can.) 

Like, who even is this french fag, right guys? Nobody has heard of him, right? The key to being different and unique is to read the same things everyone else is reading, after all, which is why nobody in America reads someone unless the author becomes popular first.

"Political parties can’t choose their policies."

It's just a coincidence that every DNC policy increases the number of DNC voters and DNC donations, while decreasing RNC voters or strangling RNC funds.

How lucky.

Just the inevitable forces of history. 

They ultimately chose not to defund any police force anywhere, because, um...hey look a squirrel! Chase it boy, chase it!

You ridiculous cuck. You really want to lose so bad? Don't worry, the heaven will answer your prayer.

"So theoretically they would just drop these things, stop talking about them, change course, and talk about popular things."

The other reason I make fun of American "scholars" for their obsession with saying counter-intuitive things is because, when their guard is down, they say the most childishly naive shit you can possibly imagine. Every time their love of invented sophistication might actually have an application, they run, don't walk.

Anyway I've already formalized this. Political formulae are perverse: you don't show off how chad you are by following the rules, you show off by breaking the rules and getting away with it.

Americans love chads. They have no heroes, so they make do with criminals. They both break the rules, right? If there were any heroes, I would envy them, so there must not be any heroes, only criminals...

"And this minority is steering the ship, because…8. Majorities don’t matter."

So let me get this straight. The DNC is haplessly tossed about in the sea of historical forces, and also dominated by the conscious and intentional guidance of a particular minority.

Cope harder, φαγγωτ.

"and the majority doesn’t care enough to get all bloody dying on this particular culinary hill"

Human tribalism is of course known for being tolerant and open-minded about small differences.

You don't hear about Salem witch trials for the witch having her wart on the wrong side of her nose or anything. Practically unheard of.

This is definitely just the natural state of natural Caino hypocritus hypocritus. 

And it's definitely not happening right now in America as we speak. Definitely surely 100% not government-sponsored or anything.

It just happens to hit everyone who votes wrong, like POTUS 45. How lucky. Trump was just too easy-going, you know? Hated to piss anyone off or state his opinion too forcefully.

Moldbug's poltergeists. "Flying plates! Irresistible forces of historical destiny!"

"Personnel is policy."

Now I'm worried. This crazy fucker is agreeing with me? Dammit, I'm going to have to check everything for errors now...

"As one consultant/cleric recently advised teachers, “Don’t say critical race theory, just teach its precepts"


"After all, who is going to stop them? Will they be fired by the woke human resources department, or the woke principal? Abandoned by the woke teachers’ union? Reported to the state by their un-woke peers, all of whom have already been systematically purged from the collective for their heresy? If concerned parents do manage to get them fired, who will hire their replacements? Why… the woke HR department!"


Problem: who is going to pull their kids out of school? The Americoid parents?

Who reads the newspapers, instead of not reading them?

Who watches CNN, instead of ridiculing anyone who watches CNN?

Who voted?

"All the institutional high ground is still occupied. Have the top universities already been retaken from the woke, or replaced?"

Have American stopped going to university?

Do you need a Harvard degree to get a good job in an Amish community? Why do you need a Harvard degree in an American community?

Have Americans stopped respecting medical licensing requirements? Did you know [doctor] is in fact a blue-collar job, not a white-collar job?

Have American started making their own videos instead of relying on Hollywood and the Hollywood-adjacent?

"They know from experience that…11. Long marches are long."

...and the delusion closes once again over the poor, mad fool. 

Setting aside Moldbug's many semi-cogent arguments showing the right can't march long, taking Harvard back would indeed be a monumental task. 

In reality, all you need to do is Withdraw your Consent. Harvard is a shithole that happens to have enough money for nice buildings. (They're not called 'ivies' as a joke.) Why would you want it back?

(Also it was never yours in the first place.)

The Amish already exist. They are not legitimate. 

You don't need to rebel. You don't need "independence" any more than the original colonists did. 

Because you already have it.

Pick it up.

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