Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Note to Self

Hey idiot, being impressionable is childish. It's a biconditional.

As usual, Americoids do the arrested development thing, staying in childhood for their entire life. In part this is Plato; under Revolution, the old revere the young and try to be like them. Why grow up and get unnecessarily behind the 8-ball?
As a result, I hadn't noticed or fully understood that I was also partially doing this. 

Philosophers are supposed to be somewhat childish. Curiosity is a childhood affliction. The mind is supposed to close down around the 18-22 range, (switching from input to output) but the scholar can't allow that natural thing to happen, and you can't just change one thing. It's not a carburetor you can isolate and swap out. 

However, adults can watch someone doing something deviant or degenerate and, like, not-copy them. Even if they're a similar kind of person from the same tribe. The monkey-see monkey-do thing is supposed to be almost entirely attenuated. 

In other words, within reason, it should be possible to enjoy art with significant Fascist contamination without finding bits of Fascism in my habits the next day.

Falsehood is a sin. No matter how sincerely I intend otherwise, if I fuck up I get fucked.
I really, really, really should have seen this sooner.

Hey look! It really is possible. Easy, even. 

P.S. What is having a genius like, you ask? Well, it lets you try it on your own, and then it loses patience with your bumbling and just tells you, and then you feel like an absolute retard for having to be told something so obvious. I could have figured this out on my own. Didn't though!

And then you realize it's going to happen again. And again. The only alternative to getting jabbed right in the ego on a regular basis is giving up the benefits of knowing genius things. 

"Damn, you're really smart."
"Are you sure it's me? Because I'm sure it's not." Messenger, not author.

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