Wednesday, January 12, 2022

"It's just the flu" vs. Civil Rights

On the rare occasion that the Regressive Inquisition tries something that doesn't work for them, they stop. Right quick, more often than not. Remember [it's just the flu, bro]?

Of course it really was just a slightly more annoying flu than usual, so as proper Satanists they recoiled from the truth like vampires recoil from garlic.

Civil rights has been an absolute catastrophic disaster for its alleged beneficiaries, exactly as its opponents predicted. The Inquisition repeatedly tries to double down. Are they stupid? Are they incompetent? No, they're evil. Like, so evil it's genuinely funny. "Someone tries to one-up Snidely Whiplash in real life?" Yup! Lots of people! Literally cartoon levels of villainy!

They're perfectly capable of stopping if they really were attempting to improve ninja lives. They're not, so they don't. 

It's part of their camouflage. I know this because I'm comically smart. Folk genuinely can't believe I can do the things I do (so, outside my blog, I don't warn them). We can easily see that being unbelievably evil is also a good way to make it nearly impossible for the average peasant to ever credit the idea they're as evil as they are. Anyone less evil than this gets whacked; if they don't understand the theory, selection pressure is enough. I wouldn't bet on them not knowing the theory.

They're not actually drooling morons incapable of tying their own shoes. They implemented civil rights (and every other "stupid" idea) because they agreed with conservatives about what would happen. They didn't do it despite disagreeing, because they didn't disagree. They just lied about it.

They like BLM because they agree with conservatives that less police => more murder. It's an extraordinarily obvious point after all. They just lie about it. More precisely, it's about having more anarcho-tyranny, which is why they were never serious about defunding the police. Someone has to crack down on anyone who dares to defend their body, their property, or their honour, and the storm troopers have to be aggressive men because by definition the problem citizen has shown themselves willing to use violence in self-defence.

If ncov were a genuinely dangerous disease they would have held fast to the "just a flu" line to get as many people killed as possible. Note well that this is a fully falsifiable, concrete, specific prediction. I have no wiggle room here. You can tell it's not dangerous because they're obsessed about lockdowns and vaccines. They knew, and they knew fuckin' early. Conquest #3 is a universal law. Public choice theory is way more true than you could possibly imagine. 

If Americans genuinely voted for the lesser evil, evil in government would go down over time, not up. Being less-evil would offer a competitive, selective advantage. In the rare case Americans crack under the strain and vote for the lesser evil (Trump), of course the elections are defrauded and then Americans subserviently accept this new insult. "We know, we voted against Fascism. We were wrong. We repent. We deserve to be lied to about everything." Thus, the modern world. They call it land of the free and the brave because it's tied for the most cowardly tyranny history has on record.

Americans like having a criminal government. Personnel is policy. The more criminal, the better. 

As always, the solution is piety. Satan is godlike but not a real god. He has no power at all aside from his false words. Just...don't listen. If you don't listen, he's plain fucked. (As always, Christian Satanology is true in the smallest details, as you might expect.) Every war has these three sides: the aggressor, the defender, and the heavens. There has never been a just war, so the first two always lose. Take the third side.

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