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Brain Damage Archives; Poltergeists 2

Such a good ending spot yesterday, but there's more and I'm going to continue bullying this idiot.

"it was only the start of the 1970s. It was not until almost fifty years later that their dream was realized."

Satan is a real shitty manager. Getting simple tasks done in 50 years is the best he can do.

"However much the last several years may have seemed like an avalanche of shockingly rapid ideological coup d'états to those who saw power abruptly change hands in their institutions"

Narcissism of small differences.

Happens to America every 50 years or so. But, ignorance and narcissism. Something that hasn't happened to a narcissist hasn't happened at all, you see. If it happens to them for the first time, it's happening for the first time ever. [Unprecedented] is one of their favourite words.

It's the lack of empathy. The confusion of appearances and reality. When they see it happening to you, they don't feel anything, therefore they conclude you don't feel anything, because me = you, you see. ("Boundaries? What are those? Are they tasty?") When it happens to them, they do feel something, which is very different. Unprecedented, even.


"this suddenness was an illusion. Coups only succeed if the backers necessary to support them are already in place."

Damn, I would say the exact same thing.

This is how you know he's not actually stupid, he's made himself stupid. Probably with a sledge. At best, drank too much and didn't sleep enough. With 100% certainty, an intellectual couch potato. Untrained.

Coups succeed if you've already won, except...

"it took literally a generation of young intellectuals and activists simultaneously inspired and disillusioned by the left-radicalism [...] for their influence to fully flower."

Reality: as they say, Communism is American as apple pie. There was never any right. It was always left and less-left. It was always dispirited Satanists vs. devout Satanists. 

A devout literally-anyone-else-ist can trounce Satanists in job lots, but when you're both Satanist, obviously Satan is going to back the more devout one every time. 

This is the sense in which Moldbug is correct that the right can't do long marches: lying about your motives is lying, which is Satanist. You can't out-Satanist Satan. Even if you were dedicated to the strategy and successfully concealed your motives, you can't use this strategy to make an anti-Satanist society. You won't be able to get any allies. The second you break character you'll go down. 

Satan has very few of his own powers indeed, but the one thing you absolutely cannot do is trick him. He's literally the deity of deceit. Not gonna fuckin' work, you ponce.

"instead mostly trying to either force the institutions to behave differently through political power (mostly pointless)"

This shining star probably thinks POTUS has political power. 

ed: it's sloppy thinking. POTUS isn't political. Who actually runs the CIA is extremely political, but newspaper editors know better than to try to cross the CIA, so you don't hear about it. Even the loser in that race has more than enough clout to destroy you and your little dog too, so if you know enough to stick your nose in their business, you know enough to keep your nose the hell out of their business. 

For some reason the author continues to call the latter non-political. Are king's courts not political, because they don't have elections? Was your last office job not political? They have real hire-and-fire. 


"fleeing from the institutions entirely in a bid to create new ones from the ground up (a longshot, if more promising)"

...but only because Americans have become so American. 

Someone created the institutions from the ground up in the first place. The competence threshold is lower the second time around, not higher, because you can copy a lot of their work. 

The only wrinkle is staying out of the eye of Sauron. E.g. don't literally call yourself the Harvard replacement, because it threatens their tax racketeering and Satan will pull himself away from cat-herding to deal with you personally.

Fact is Satan does have legitimate authority...because Caino hypocritus hypocritus has ceded it. Don't try to usurp Satan. He's sort of the god of usurpation. Allegorically, the 9th circle of hell is the traitor's paradise.

Merely Withdraw your Consent. Un-cede any authority you granted. Refuse to get usurped again. Satan can't do shit against genuine authority.

As before, this requires you to give up narcissism and to be able to recognize Fascism when you see it. Giving up 50% usurpation doesn't 50% cut it. It's not exactly 100% xor 0%....but it might as well be.

"Either way, [the marginally less-left] seem to hope everything [nudged slightly left] by the left can be reversed in the matter of only a few years, which is naïve on multiple levels because…"


"Culture wars are generational wars, and the young are woke as hell. In his book Bowling Alone, the legendary political scientist Robert Putnam explained that sweeping social changes typically only occur “generation to generation,” or through what he called “cohort change.”"

Here in Reality, conversion by the sword works just fine. Belief flows from the barrel of a gun.

They try not to be obvious about it though, since America's political formula is "consent of the governed." It's all a lie - and narcissist Americans would hate it were it not - but to play the game correctly it's not supposed to be too obviously a lie.

Nevertheless, Ruby Ridge happened, Waco happened, 9/11 happened, in fact everyone hates masks, etc etc.

The real force constraining Satanism in America is the fact Satanism doesn't work. Satanism reliably causes catastrophes, disasters, and crises. In short they want another egg from the golden goose before they have to slaughter it. 

In long, only a Satanist has to surrender to other Satanists. The 50% usurper can always causally drop-kick the 60% usurper...except that they have to justify their 50% usurper parts. Lying always makes you weak. The 60%er can always put them in a position where they have to give up their 50% usurpation or get pwned, and Americans reliably side with Satan, so...

The only reason Sauron is dangerous at all is exactly because he hasn't allowed his Sauronism to render his goblins and orcs entirely twisted beyond biological feasibility. Sauron can only twist things another few degrees once Americans have submitted to the latest round of degeneration and thus can't credibly threaten his goons anymore.

Ref: Afghanistan. Even idiot half-Satanic goat herders can defeat America if they don't take Satan as legitimate.

"Instead the “real target of [their] ideas are not their contemporaries, but their contemporaries’ children and grandchildren.”"

Americans continue to send their kids to Prussian school.

At this point I assume they enjoy being cuckolded. Though in this case I prefer the term changeling: the child is replaced by someone who merely looks like him. 

Even Moldbug send his kids to the changeling institution.
The core symptom of narcissism is self-hatred.

"Sorry conservatives, but that’s the 67 million-strong cohort who will fill the pipeline"

Meanwhile, the Amish again. 'Sorry, why am I supposed to care, tho?'  

The real reason: conservatives are (narcissistic-delusionally) convinced they're the better Satanist, and are miffed they're not Satan's favourite kid. (For neocons, not his favourite kid anymore.)

Every devil is convinced he would make the better prince of this world. A better prince of hell. Pride is the ur-sin.

"They advanced an essentially psychological explanation for why so many college students were suddenly acting simultaneously like fragile snowflakes and rabid authoritarians"

America is a cult. A narcissistic cult. All of a sudden, America became more American, and everyone was shocked, shocked.

Because they're way too narcissistic to be particularly self-aware.

Basically Last Psych is a real scholar. Haidt and his buddies are just some more Satanists who will be lumped in with all the Satanists across history, such as Ipuwer's contemporaries and Protagoras.

"had adopted a number of beliefs totally inverse to the Stoic-derived principles considered best practice by modern Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. These unhealthy beliefs included: always trusting your feelings, assuming disagreement is always a personal attack, and believing hurtful words lead to real harm, including permanent trauma."

To call a spade a spade, it's important to first know what a spade is. Otherwise you tend to get dazzled by all these metal things on wooden poles. Such variety! Some are wide, some are narrow. Some sharp, some dull. Some curved, some flat. It's all so confusing.
"That one's missing a handle!"
" you mean the pole it's attached to, or the crossbar at the top?"

Note that hurtful words do lead to real harm if they come from e.g. your mom. Or your mom-deputies, like teachers, who tell you you're not good enough every time they score your homework below 100%. 

"As things have progressed, it’s become increasingly clear to me that these claims to offense are often used as cunningly deliberate weapons against empathetic liberals, and are probably frequently evidence less of psychological fragility than of psychopathy."

True until the last bit. Psychopathy is simply the apotheosis of the cluster B symptomology. 

I'm not sure if I'm being allegorical or not: psychopathy occurs when the shards of the shattered soul are cleared away entirely, leaving nothing behind but the possessing devil.

This is not metaphorical: Prussian school is an industrial-scale demon-possession operation. Fichte was a conscious, intentional agent of Satan. It either worked or narcissism is so similar to possession that it perfectly serves his purposes.

The one major difference: the shattered narcissist soul can't be fixed by exorcism. Yes you can drive out the contamination, but it will simply return within hours. Demons are weak and cannot attack healthy souls any more than someone with enough vitamin D can get a cold. If you have spiritual AIDS, have fun with that: spiritual clean rooms are impossible. 

"From 2009 to 2019, the proportion of high school students reporting persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness increased by 40%."

This is basically why you don't worship Satan. Doesn't exactly have your best interests at heart. No matter how painful, restrictive, or humiliating it might be to worship a different deity, it's still better than this.

"The pandemic has had a devastating impact on Gen Z’s already fragile mental health."

Godplagues are bad for Satanists.

I really have to hand it to corona's spiritual architects. The finesse is astounding. Corona-chan hardly kills or sickens anyone at all...yet the damage to the impious has been immense. 

I have personally seen only benefits, incidentally. Blessed be the infections. Have you tried not being a sinner? It's pretty neat. Thumb's up.

"In what is rapidly becoming one of my preferred explanations for the Revolution"

I was going to make fun of this, but I can't even. Poe's law. How do you satirize someone who thinks Revolution is in any way not American? wat

"elite overproduction"

Just no.
Look: elites do things. That's what makes them elite. Elite is as elite doings. If they have to be granted seats by some benevolent master, they're not elites, they're troglodytes. 

I suppose collectivists do enjoy their daddy model of wealth. God simply grants products from on high, the question is whether they'll go to big brother, little sister, or the golden middle child. The "elite" is whoever God favours with His manna. It's not like you could go out and bake your own bread or anything. You have to be anointed by bread at the holy grocery store, or you just don't deserve it.

"“Wokeness” is still required by law."

...and finally we come to the genuine driver. Cthulu swims left because swimming right is illegal. Cthulu is an honest, upright, law-abiding citizen. Cthulu is Karen, asking you to please, ever so kindly and gently, to put your mask back on, forever.

"But likely much more important is that they are terrified of the law."

"The scope of U.S. federal antidiscrimination statutes that grew out of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 have already made the core facts of what people think of as “Wokeness” the law of the land."

See also: Lincoln. See also: the founding fathers. Who should more accurately be called mothers. Sure they were manly compared to the soyboys of today, but for the time they were amazing φαγγως. Which is why America is so goddamn fake and gay.

"So, as Christopher Caldwell has painstakingly explained, the unintended legacy of the original “emergency measures” of 1964'

unintended lol

Oh yeah sure they planned a whole half-century long march through institutions, but they were so surprised where they ended up when it was complete! Totally shocked.

The only reason the founding mothers didn't write "from each according to his ability, to each according to his need" was because they knew it would look retarded and they would get lynched. 

Never forget that after the War of Petulant American Tantrums, tax rates tripled or something, and the only reason it ever came down at all was because they were trying to get on Laffer's good side. 

They were sort of trying to be Rome, but, "In the early days of the Roman Republic, public taxes consisted of modest assessments on owned wealth and property. The tax rate under normal circumstances was 1% and sometimes would climb as high as 3% in situations such as war." That means: landless peasants didn't even pay tax. A 1% tax on patricians paid for all the governing you would ever need. Everything else is rents.

The 'intolerable' tax was a 3-cent tax on a pound of tea, which cost about 36 cents. 8% or so, and of course only on tea, not on literally everything. In California today you pay the same. On literally everything. After income tax. Is this 'intolerable'? Great work guys. Really kept that tax demon the bottle.

Or are they massive fucking liars?


"But because enforcement gradually expanded through new case law and executive orders, and therefore “there was no statutory ‘smoking gun’ behind it, this new system of censorship was easily mistaken for a change in the public mood.”"

Yeah what a genius plan. Who could possibly have thought of this. It definitely happened through inevitable historical forces, not through being /headdesk obvious.


"(practically holy writ in American society due to having tackled a genuinely great moral wrong)"

The great moral wrong of Bantu-Americans suffering under jobs, education, businesses, and families. Luckily civil rights fixed all that genuinely great moral wrong. Now they're poor, stupid, feckless, and maybe fifty Bantu in the whole country live with their father until adulthood. Winning!

"This means the foundations have truly tremendous influence over public policy, because every nominally independent think tank, for example, automatically tailors its projects to attract the blessing of their funding."

Of course if it didn't work the subtle way, they would bust out the sledgehammer and make it illegal. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Or rather, when it doesn't work out. Ref: Gab. Ref: every heretical patreon.

Admittedly I'm not sure how Substack isn't dead yet. In the long term it's nothing more than a doxxing engine, but it does seem to somehow be swimming okay so far.

 "The Ford Foundation is also a great example of how the foundations often run riot well beyond even the intentions of their donors."

They don't "run riot" they were seized in a coup, you squalling infant. If they weren't infiltrated by CIA operatives, it was only because they were infiltrated by State Department operatives. 

"we can get thrown out or we can go broke; but those people, they’ve got nobody to answer to."

Hmm, to whom do you suppose Ford is referring. What kind of funding occurs irrespective of the funders' ongoing desire to fund the thing?

Sadly that sounds Chad. Satanists are not Chad. They appear unaccountable, but this is an illusion. It's just that they're accountable to utter psychopaths motivated by pure sadism. The psycho lords know better than to be caught holding these yahoos accountable. It doesn't mean they can't do it, it just means they're hiding it, as any devout Satanist should on general principles.

"wield only a shadow of the influence exerted more quietly by titans of finance like the “Big Three” asset managers, BlackRock, Vanguard, and State Street. With a collective $22 trillion in assets under management, and owning an average of 22% of the typical S&P 500 company, these three firms have the power to dictate corporate policy across the world, both by acting as voting proxies for their index fund investors, and through the environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) standards they choose to set as requirements for investment. And because these firms’ leaders are now woke (or at least see advantage in acting woke)"

Are they in fact drooling morons who can't even figure out that if you go woke, you go broke?
Is the CEO of a trillion-dollar company a non-competitive position? Will nobody try to usurp it?

Why do their investments keep going up, not down?

Answer: tax money.

In reality if these "private" companies weren't exactly as private as porn stars, this would be flagrantly impossible. If Vanguard broke ranks and started funding anti-woke (i.e. non-Communist, i.e. profitable) companies, they would instantly start dominating finance...except the part where all their anti-woke companies would suddenly find themselves on the wrong side of new regulations, rendering all these investments worthless.

These companies would have run out of money less than five years after their founding if they weren't being propped up with corporate welfare and/or distinctly privileged tax laws and/or outright crime. They are modern pirates. They live off plunder and letters of marque. Only they prey on their own subjects instead of foreign ones. Thanks America!

Even when being propped up by blatantly unfair laws, do you think a trillion-dollar company can be run by a buffoon? Please. At some point the bridges just fall down and no amount of legislation can keep them up. Even if it were given to a buffoon, it would rapidly be seized by a non-buffoon. They know exactly what they're doing. Sociology isn't even hard.

"Not only is the American political class’ power over moneyed interests held back by legal limits"

ass backwards

"Despite their collective anger about Wokeness, America’s conservatives, in particular, still seem to have no real consensus or even understanding of how to begin to tackle such a problem, given their traditional worship of capital."

Or they're just lying. They know they're beat but have to come up with some bullshit to feed to their voters.

The puzzle is why anyone joins the RNC at all these days. Anyone older than 5 years old will instantly notice it's a scam from getting the barest hair on the inside. One-party state. Why stay?

"As outlined in detail above, the woke left is unloading huge amounts of cash to advance the social causes that matter to them. On what social causes has the right matched this level of funding, or even enthusiasm?"

Yeah damn why does the not-printing-press party fail to match the level of funding as the printing-press party. It is a terrible, confusing mystery.

Or you can read your public choice theory. 

The DNC needs the RNC to corral anyone who isn't on board with looting America as efficiently as possible. They need Americans to think there's an alternative. To think there's a way, at the ballot box, to signal "enough is enough," because if they tried to signal it away from the ballot box... Well, there's a chance, however remote, that it might actually work. Can't have that.

Certainly can't let the RNC get caught looting anything. It would spoil the kayfabe. Have to let them be funded by, like, actual donations. Which is tricky, since they have no services to offer.

Seem to have managed it though. Satan works hard and gets those cats herded in the end.

"And if this is a “culture war,” is there a [dispirited Fascist] foundation for the arts? No, it doesn’t seem like it."

Yeah it would really help if the less-left has its own art. It would be immediately distinguishable, I'm sure.

"traditional liberal principles be damned."

I probably need to stop being amazing that anyone thinks liberals are liberal. 

Remember how Americans have finally noticed that civil rights is woke? When do you suppose they'll notice civil rights is liberalism? 2050?

"be prepared for the inevitable outbreak of the Second Woke Crusade to extirpate all the Racist Forces of Evil from the nation once and for all (some might argue this has already begun)"

Almost notices at the end there he's going all post hoc ergo propter hoc.

Nobody in power gives a shit who POTUS is.
Come to think the major reason they're pissed about Jan 6 is likely that, had the Capitol been occupied (like they occupied those city halls) the real movers would have had to pay attention to avoid showing their hand. 

Recall Belgium's government was suspended for over a year, over 500 days, and nobody noticed. America is the same, except the part where should DC be seized and then the government continues as normal, someone will care. The real movers at least believe they have something to be afraid of. They would have to pretend to hold back and they would have to read the news to find out when they could stop, and they feel exactly the same way I do about reading the news.

Personally I think Americans are such cucks they would do nothing but whine about it on twitter, but hey, I'm not the professional here.

Bonus round: they probably couldn't stop, in practice. Lord shortage and responsibility laundering. The initiatives can't be clawed back on any kind of reasonable time frame. Certainly not in response to twitches of some local mob.

"If all this were the case, there might be a need to build a big, beautiful metaphorical wall, to separate the inner from the outer, allies from enemies, the good people from the bad people."


Or in the case of America, a very literal wall around the white house.  

"In this way the woke revolution strikes me as similar to the Chinese Cultural Revolution"

Dimly, the lost one recognizes that Fascism is Fascist.

"Like a hydra, today’s Revolution is a complex beast with many heads; its causes and its consequences may be multitudinous."


The problem with Fascism is that America is Fascism and Americans are Fascist. Americans prefer the hellscape they've created ("Hospitalization for suicide attempts by girls in particular rose 51% from 2019 to 2021") to ever being "un-American." Fear not America, the heavens have heard your prayer, and will grant it.

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