Saturday, March 25, 2023

Woman Blames Nearest Man for Women's Toilets

"if every woman agrees to potty train their son to sit while peeing, we can completely eradicate pee covered public toilets within 2 generations. let that sink in."

Men are sneaking into women's washrooms and peeing all over the seats. Dastardly! Clearly they need to sit down instead!

Truly fantastic. 

Or perhaps it's even more convoluted? Women's bathrooms are unusably filthy, therefore men's bathrooms are unusably filthy. (Narcissism.) Everything is men's fault. (Women have no agency.) Therefore, if men cleaned up their own bathrooms, women's stalls would improve. (Sympathetic magic.) I Fucking Love Science. 

"I hover-pee but obviously no other woman does. Or at least I'm certainly not going to sell out the sisterhood. I'm no snitch. Anyway it's a man's fault." 

Like, no wonder women are afraid all the time. Can you imagine having literally no control over your own life at all? Pure slavery? Any passing man can mind-control you by accidentally sneezing in your direction? But, because feminism, they don't get a dedicated man or husband. All roving banditry, no stationary banditry.

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