Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Moldbug Goes Full Postmodernist

Meaning he now ranks under JBP. Intellectual Dim Web, ouch. 

"Neither of these frames is wrong; neither of them is right. [...] And democracy means the right to be safe from terrorism. In one window—whereas in the other window, democracy is messy… if you relax your eyes, you can even blend the windows, in a stereoscopic fusion of good and evil."

You can make the case it's some Straussian troll, until this:

"Principled people always fall into the propaganda trap." 

There is no Straussian interpretation of this. Moldbug just wants the man of principle* to give up seeking the truth about events that matter to him. "You're a stupid, gullible idiot, and that's fine. Relax and let Satan take care of you."

*(Luckily there are no Americans of principle so this is an empty set. Plato's Democratic Man. No harm no foul, almost.)


"Obviously these flexible people cannot be rounded up and put it camps."

Nazis in Germany can be lustrated but useful GAE idiots can't be. Sure. 

If they are not rounded up and put into camps they will be rounded up and put into graves. This is a simple engineering fact. If you try to make a plane without wings it won't fly. If you try to improve your steamship mid-voyage by ventilating the bulkheads, it's not going to work out for you. Law of Cnut. Law of Gnon. Sodom and Gomorrah will be Sodom and Gomorrah'd. The city of Rome lost 90% of its population. Detroit has already lost over 50%...

Although in a sense extra-moldy-Bug is onto something. 

The Nazi government could be lustrated because there were Communist Germans to use as replacements.

You cannot replace the hostile alien American occupation government, because there is nobody to use as replacements. You can't con an honest man: if you're falling for propaganda, you are one of the [flexible] [people]. You're just bad at it. Not inflexible, merely less flexible. All Americans would use the American government to punish America. Self-hatred is the religion.
The alleged inflexible aren't falling for the propaganda, they are correctly submitting to a superior version of themselves.

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