Saturday, March 18, 2023

When Do You Surrender?

When do you give up your pride, and accept the possibility - just the possibility - someone may know better than you do, and you should let them tell you what to do? 

"Okay, this isn't working, we'll try it your way." When do you say this?

At what point do your beliefs become falsified? When do you admit you might be wrong, and might have something to learn?  

I'll be blunt. I think the answer is [never]. I think Democratic Man gonna Democrat. They all get arrested in childhood, and remain shackled to childlike incompetence. Can't learn better. Can't know better. And that's why it doesn't work. That's why it sucks. 

P.S. Izakaya.


Anonymous said...

I'll bite. My plan so far was to move up to Vermont, buy a couple hundred acres of farmland; and have as many kids as possible. Become self sufficient, and teach them all stone sculpting. Vermont has beautiful white marble deposits, and it would be a lovely trade to pass on through the generations.

Alrenous said...

Um, good for you?

Did you reply to the wrong post?