Friday, March 17, 2023

Being Explicit: American "Public Discourse" Can't be Right or America Wouldn't be in Decay

Much American discourse is based on a 'wrong turn' premise. "Mostly stuff is okay but we're about to make a wrong turn."

For example, the idea that Wokism is a wrong turn. Clearly everything was fine when [time defined by speaker's childhood nostalgia] but it's going to go wrong due to Wokism. 

Except Wokism couldn't have arisen in the first place unless there was a serious error in the background assumptions.
The Empire wouldn't be decaying if that which is held to be correct was in fact correct.

The very form of the public argument encourages further decay. The sacred cows are sick; they are in fact profaned cows. They need to be slaughtered, not protected. 

E.g. the idea that a 'public' discourse is a good thing, instead of a bad thing. Why are random irresponsible kibitzers with no skin in the game supposed to be talking about this at all? How about an owner-advisor discourse instead? 

But, remember: everything is working as intended. The world is in fact Just. In Reality Americans worship erosion and misery, not growth and joy. Americans hold the profane to be sacred, and Imperial decay is merely America becoming more profane. Americans want to gain faith in more lies, not more truth. All that's happening is that supply is meeting demand. All the complaints are in fact backhand compliments. "Congrats on ruining everything! Keep up the good work!" Naturally the desecrators celebrate progressive profanity using lies, complaining about it. 


P.S. Due to the surrounding desecrated lands, I find my living area needs to be purified and re-consecrated more than once a year. Unless you enjoy living on demon-haunted grounds, you'll find you need to do the same.

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