Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Rufo Gets Things Done (Unlike Moldbug) Because He's Not Trying Hard Enough

Rufo did the thing. He did (and does) "make a difference in people's lives." He uses that weird 'strategy' thing where you identify weaknesses and then attack the enemy where they're weak. What a bizarro.

He's still a Faustian. Still a fundamentalist Egalitarian. This is not a solution. It works precisely because it's a palliative rather than a solution. You hire a Rufo when you want to go gently into that good night. When you want to end with a whimper, and not a bang. "Come with me if you don't want to live."

Reminder: the Amish still exist. You don't need a DeSantis. You don't need a Trump. You don't need a Rufo or even a Moldbug. You can just do it. The Owenites just did it, and it didn't work. The Amish just did it, and it continues to work. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Given that the Amish consistently manage to mind their own business, one hesitates to even call them Christian. Like...does it count? If you can stay on your side of the fence-line? 

But yes, Rufo can probably run a college. Through sheer force of personality, he can reform a college and make it like 1959-standard or something of that nature. Tucker Carlson shows you can resist Regime pressure indefinitely if you want. It is weak. 

It doesn't matter, because the time you want to go back to is less 1959 and more 5500 BC.

If Rufo running a college was meaningfully a solution, Rufo would have no need to run a college because Americans would have already tried that. There would be ten thousand Rufos. If America was compatible with Rufoism There would be no twatter campaigns because America would have already made enough Rufos to make Rufo-deans normal. And I wouldn't be talking about how Faustianism is inherently irredeemable.

Nothing that Americans recognize as American is remotely sufficient. Strategy is inherently un-American. It requires discipline, and discipline isn't freedom. By inspection the devout Faustians are going to overwhelm the timid compromising Faustians. Maybe Rufo's college survives in stasis until the fall of the Regime, but the fall of the Regime will take Rufo down with it, because Rufo has never rejected the core premises. 

Put another way, Rufo is not smarter than Spengler. Although he certainly behaves as if he believes he is. His actions will do nothing to interrupt Spengler's timeline
"No word on getting rid of the students—who surely make the faculty look like gems."

Moldbug accidentally admits personnel is policy. No way to fix DC short of permanently firing every single person who lives there. 

Everyone in America is a radical leftist. You have to fire the entire country. If you want a decent government, speaking English has to be a disqualifying factor. 

"To really plant acorns, you have to get as far upstream of power as you can."

Um. 'To be a successful Faustian, you need to get as far upstream of existing Faustianism as you can.' Well, I suppose that's technically true. You need to get so far upstream you're not a Faustian anymore. 


"It is only important because good artists and good art make a good scene—a good social network." 

Ah yes. Who needs a Pope? Who needs a King? We just need an art scene.
You gotta be popular. Rightists are all about being popular. But popular with the right set, see. Hue hue. Gotta be popular with the in-crowd.
The American "right" wing, ladies and gentlemen.
Conveniently, if the art scene does something wrong, nobody is to blame. Goodness, perhaps we need better art.
Every Amish settlement has its own Bishop, who functionally has absolute doctrinal power over that settlement. The Bishop decides whether you're allowed a phone booth at the end of the lane or not.

"And yet… the golden rule of fashion is that fashion flows downward."

Until it hits an Amish man, and then it just bounces off. 'No thanks,' he says. And that's it. BTFO.


"Do you want your ideas to be the ideas of a billion people, taught in a million schools?"

Not particularly, no.
Well, particularly not in schools. Schools are Fascist. Socrates: don't charge money for dissemination. Succeeding in schools is failure in the world.

If they were wise and prudent, perhaps the billion people would want to be taught my ideas in some non-school form. Either way, that's between them and Gnon. If they choose prudently they won't die in horrific mind-shattering agony. What counts as 'prudent' isn't up to me, though. 

"Status is a pyramid. You want your ideas to start at the top"

You don't get to decide where you are on the pyramid. Either you're already there or you're already not. 

You get to the top of the Faustian pyramid by being a generally-top sort of person and being especially Faustian. Faustianism is bad, so being the top makes you arch-loser.

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