Friday, March 17, 2023

Cars are Decadence, Biking is High-T

Cars make you weak. Bikes make you exercise. 

You have to politely wait for a bus to deign to pick you up. At least subways are indoors and come on time.

Cars say: "I can't handle the weather." Bikes say: "Bring it." 

If speed limits didn't exist cars would have an argument. They do, so they don't. 

Subways still go beyond "polite" into "domesticated." Have to pretend that multiple strangers sitting within arm's reach of you aren't there. At best. When you depart, when you arrive, and how fast you get there is all determined by someone else. You can put on the sheep's clothing now and again, but if it's something you do every day the wolf underneath will disappear. 

Walking is okay too, but suspiciously lazy. Why are you moving so slowly? Are you incapable of going faster? Is your time so worthless you can afford to waste this much of it? Peripatein or bust. 

Cars are Veblenian consumption. In other words, they cost far more than they're worth. Imaging giving up all your Veblenian consumption and being able to afford to be rich instead.


gary said...

When you have to drive 40 minutes to work how long would it be by bike? And no the vehicle itself doesn't factor in as its paid off. Still need the same salary. Can't get it close by. Nobody wants to live in the ahitholes where the businesses that pay are located. Hence the car. Everything will have to be burned down and rebuilt, the whole society,, to change that. But then again, "bikes are degenerate, real men ride horses."

Alrenous said...

Do me some math real quick: find out what you pay on average total a year for the car, and divide it by your effective hourly wage. How long would the bike ride have to be before you're spending more time paying for the car than time you're saving by using it?

>"Nobody wants to live in the ahitholes"
...and you just let them become shitholes.

If everyone still lived there, you would be surrounded by your neighbours instead of criminals. Personnel is policy.
Instead, you let crime be legalized. I must assume you're pro-crime.

>"Can't get it close by."
False. And this defeatist attitude is exactly why you let your city centre become a shithole instead of yours.

If you had refused to take the job at that distance, the business would have had to move to you. But you didn't do that, now did you?

You're a mouse, not a man. Yes, the car is a big tell - you need a metal masculinity prosthesis.

>"Everything will have to be burned down and rebuilt, the whole society"
You want me to raze your town with you in it? ...well, I refuse. If you want to die you can do it yourself.

TheDividualist said...

Diasgreement. Why do men tend to tailgate,honk and generally act aggressive when driving a car? It seems driving a two ton beast increases our testosterone. It feels like driving a fucking tank, we could bowl over pedestrians and cyclists while uninjured. Remember Carmageddon the game? We feel in a confrontation between us and cyclists we obviously win, we could flatten them into the asphalt. While a man or bicycle feels submissive, gives way to cars, because he knows if they collide, he loses. In a car, you dominate the road. That is why lefties hate cars - they get it it is "toxic" masculinity. It is a war on the streets and the heavy vehicles are winning.

Alrenous said...

>"It seems driving a two ton beast increases our testosterone."
Hence prosthetic. Your testosterone isn't natural, you need an artificial aid. Prosthetics are palliatives.

Cripples who don't give up their crutches become more crippled, not less.

>"It feels like driving a fucking tank"
Driving a tank feels like driving a tank. Driving a car feels like mommy's purse is made of metal today, and you're inside.
Don't drive 'aggressively' that's literally village-scold tier. Just drive on the sidewalk. Use the available space, not the legal space.
I will make an exception for those who drive around traffic jams on the shoulder and never go below the speed limit.

>"Remember Carmageddon the game?"
Yes, I will make an exception for those who play Carmageddon in real life, as opposed to using LEDs or phosphors.

>"While a man or bicycle feels submissive, gives way to cars,"
Oh sure, that's why bikers are known to be particularly polite on the road. They never run lights and nobody ever gets mad at them. On the contrary, drivers love bikers for making them feel superior.

>"That is why lefties hate cars - they get it it is "toxic" masculinity. "
Leftists hate cars because they're making an unforced error. The global warming thing confused them.
That and Moldbug's Impact. They see you resist, which gets their blood up. If they made any real success it would go the way of [defund the police].

Alrenous said...

No, I was too polite.

>"It feels like driving a fucking tank"

Where's my TOW missile? Why can't I blow up the car in front of me? Just on the grounds that it's ugly, frankly. I don't want to see it. Would rather see scorched wreckage.

Dammit, why won't these tracks work? How did I get stuck in the ditch?

Oh hey I pinged a bollard. Wait what? How did the bollard stop my tank? Why do I have a bollard-shaped hole in my tank, rather than a tank-shaped hole in the bollard?

You're driving your wife's purse.

Bonus round: I dunno about you, but around here all the purses are white, grey, or black. I guess that makes them more 'masculine' than having, you know, attractive colours. If anyone might, at all, accuse you of being froo-froo, better to be boring as fuck.