Monday, March 6, 2023

Ban Ads to Children & School Attendance Cast as Misbehaviour

Children assume everyone who is allowed to talk to them is part of the family, or at least the clan. They trust without question because they instinctively believe if someone is allowed to talk to them in the first place, they've already been vetted. 

As such it's important to consciously, intentionally, and explicitly issue a talking ban to anyone who hasn't been vetted. Marketers in particular. 


Realistically speaking American culture is extremely Balkanized. Hollywood movies are unsuitable for your children simply because they are foreign, never mind any 'insidious' agendas they may or may not have. They don't do things the way you do things around your parts. They are from a place that's too far away.

In theory you could sit with your kid and painstakingly point out each time the Hollywood movie does something Outgroup and incompatible with local norms, but frankly taking pains is a pain in the neck. Sounds like way more hassle than it's worth for everyone involved. 

Though, lol image: "Every time you watch a Hollywood movie or TV show, you're grounded. You're grounded for exactly as long as it takes to watch it again with me lecturing you about it the whole time." kek

Hey better idea: go for a walk. Play tag. Bust out the crayons or paints and doodle. Blow yourself up with a chemistry set. Write your own play. Anything but listening to drug-addled bards from distant dysfunctional lands.

Don't merely do local food. Do local narratives too. Local cartoons. Local raconteurs. Local myths. Local world-building. 

P.S. Going to school should be against the rules. "Every time you go to class, you're grounded. You're grounded for as long as it takes to re-take the lesson but with me sitting there and correcting the wayward pedagogue every five seconds." 

Going to school is a heinous transgression, much worse than breaking a lamp or backtalk or hitting your baby brother or whatever. 

Consequently, parents who force their kids to go to school are much worse than parents who force their kids to hit their baby brother or doodle on the neighbour's walls or whatever. 

I mean if parents are allowed to strike their children "for their own good" to discourage unwise decisions, it's really really important to punish children if they do something so catastrophically foolish as going to school.

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