Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Hate is Merely Fear's Conjugate

The Regime doesn't hate you. It fears you. 

The Regime is weak. It cannot control you without your permission. It is terrified you will realize it needs your permission, and desperately, manically tries to make you weak enough that you're forced to surrender.

Everyone who runs the system and nearly everyone in control of the system is insane with insecurity. It must make you believe in its omnipotence because it thinks nothing short of an infinite delta can stop you from defeating it.

It is not depriving you of your independence. It bitterly envies your independence. It is obliged to be obsessed with tricking you into giving up your independence.

If you don't eat like shit, if you don't exercise wrong, if you go outside in the sun, if you aren't addicted to anything, if you aren't trapped by debt, if you simply turn off the TV, then they have nothing on you.

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