Monday, March 27, 2023

Guilt by Association with Academia

McCulloch's quantized inertia is hardly bad, but he's kinda midwit, isn't he?

It was painfully obvious to me as an undergrad that science had stopped and you couldn't do any in the academic system. This guy has been working there for 30 years and only starting to figure it out this week. Indeed it's been obvious since I was 8 that the school system is not a system for scholars or scholarship. Seek elsewhere, young wanderer, there is no thinking here.

"I can't believe the scams some physicists get away with. New Scientist has an article on Neil Turok who's suggested a mirror universe going back in time from the Big Bang: faeries are more testable! #QI solves many problems, has evidence & we're testing in a lab, yet #tumbleweeds"

I just wanted to talk to my fellow undergraduates about physics as distinct from tricks to solve integration of trigonometic permutations. I was disappointed but not surprised to find that nobody was interested in any such thing. "Shut up and compute." Hmm, how about I drop out instead? 

McCulloch doesn't do lab work. He did not need a degree of any kind nor any funding beyond self-funding to do what he's done. He should have been done in 9 years tops. The other 21 were spent trying to push water uphill with his bare hands. 

This is what happens when you try to give CPR to the zombie. 

Physics probably won't become real again within living memory of this day, but just in case, you're looking for them to realize that probability is quantized, along with space itself. True probability is a complex quantity so the quantum is going to be a complex value; I'm sure that will be fun to work with.

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