Friday, March 24, 2023

We Can Go Further: Hate is Love's Conjugate

The Regime isn't expressing hatred at all. In the case of feelings, Sapir-Whorf matters. If you think all angry expressions are a kind of hatred, you will confuse yourself.

Properly speaking, hate isn't the opposite of love, it is the result of love. Hate is the reaction to seeing someone or something threaten what you love.

The Regime doesn't love anything. It cannot hate. 

It fears losing control and losing social status, but it cannot be said to love those things. Check: can you imagine loving a control panel? Would the Regime ever resist overhauling the panel - putting all the buttons and levers in different spots, with different colours - if the new panel granted more control? Can you imagine loving social status, when you're willing to change all your rituals on a dime to maintain it? You can't even say it loves not being afraid, because it will never take a single step toward lesser cowardice. 

The Regime would sacrifice anything - even status - for control, and would sacrifice anything - even control - for status. And it does. The Regime is so weak it hurts itself more than it hurts you. It blames you for this pain, and then hurts itself again in an attempt to attack that phantasm. No wonder voters and Fascists feel inadequately tyrannized - it's something of a miracle this crazed, psychotic abomination can supply any tyranny at all. 

You can call it spite. Does the Regime love equality? Does it love the downtrodden? Does it even love its own voters? Of course not. It despises the poor, it despises the sick, it despises the weak, and, most of all, it despises itself. No matter how much you hate the Regime, fear not - it is more revolted with itself than you are.

Ultimately it inflicts pain for the sake of inflicting pain. It fears and envies your health, no matter how little you have. Without love, there cannot be victory. Without love, there cannot even be life. The Regime can't be reasoned with. It feels pity only for itself. It can't be stopped by remorse. The fear is what drives it in the first place. With its attempts to win, it will torment itself, until it dies.

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