Monday, December 19, 2022

Secure Your Shit, Social Status Edition

How do you avoid being cancelled? Answer: don't be terminally awkward. That's it.
"if you’re charming and attractive they let u do it"

Normally I despise David Cole. He has a unique brand of especially retarded. I should have known everyone has their Conquest #1, though. And here you go

Though he's still a low-knowledge pundit.
"Which brings us to another point: Kanye hadn’t built up enough cred with “his people,” a people who are already prone to envy when one of theirs finds success in the “white world.”"

Bantu aren't Kanye's people. He's Igbo. Try it: "is kanye igbo," look at first result. It is not surprising that a dissonance exists. No shit Bantu envy Igbo.

Hat tip to Covfefe.  


Why did Alex Jones get sued for Sandy Hook? Because he said something we all know you're not supposed to say. He could have delivered the intended message in several other ways, but he chose the low-status way, and thus got treated like he is low status. 

Is witch-hunting bad, actually? While the witches have indeed not committed any specific crime, they're not exactly genetic paragons. Witch-burning is eugenic. Being friendly and polite alone gives you like 85% resistance to being witch-hunted. Witches have the stereotype of being warty because they are generally ugly and unpleasant. Every stereotype is true, volume 12. (Well, not really, but it's a lot.)

Certainly, as the Byzantine cancer metastasizes further, the waterline for 'terminally awkward' goes up, but you're always allowed to keep your trap shut. If you don't think you're tall enough to ride, then don't, and you won't be thrown off.

However, witch-hunting has always been about being taken in by a Christian scam. "We're all God's children, we'll forgive you." Something something downtrodden, give me your tired and poor, lol. Yeah, no, that was always just a lie, and it remains just a lie. It's a trap intentionally designed to catch witches specifically so they can be violently excluded. Baiting them into revealing themselves with an obvious falsehood only a total nerd wouldn't see through. Insofar as the Spanish Inquisition was merciful to witches, they were losers; they didn't get the joke. 

"Surely it can't be really that bad, or that simple!"

In short, imagine the Rotherham groomers had tried to ply their trade in Martha's Vinyard or Georgetown or whatever the British equivalents are. "One (1) phone call from the Dean to a phone number that was not 911 and that guy was evaporated."

Sure it's a pain in the ass to have to cultivate goodwill with normies to avoid getting ruthlessly bullied by the sadists and psychopaths, but there it is. I don't make the rules, I just tell you how to play to win.

If you want to talk about Hitler, Nazis, or Godwin's rule, then you can ask someone like me to phrase what Kanye wanted to say anti-provocatively instead of iconoclastically. Praising Hitler is low-status, but obsessively damning Hitler is low-status too, and you could productively point that out if you wanted. Nearly everyone who talks about Hitler comes off as a resentful person. And they should know they deserve to feel resentment, shouldn't they? (#compassionisfake #psychologicalegoism)

See also: the Feds banned some leftists from Twitter too. Sure, not that many, but the core crime is being low-status, not whatever particular rule is being busted.

The issue is that only terminally awkward bullying victims feel the need to play well enough to win hard enough to change the rules... 

Put another way, if Kanye hates getting Jewed so much, he shouldn't have made so many agreements with Jews. Dude, I don't know what you were expecting.
Likewise, getting your Chase account stolen is hardly unpredictable. If you're going to go out in a blaze of glory, have you considered buying BTC first? You moron?
You also don't get to run into the projects at 1 am screaming about how ninjas deserve to get KKK'd and then complain about racial discrimination in law enforcement. "I tried whacking them with my noose, but they weren't scared off! Those animals!" At some point, yeah let's all blame the victim, holy shit.

In theory, if you know female psychology well enough, you can also use this technique to avoid getting divorced. Although the general divorce rate is like 50% or thereabouts, the upper-class divorce rate is more like 15%. Chicks divorce you for being gauche, ultimately. They only marry the gauche geek in the first place because they know they can get divorced later for fabulous cash prizes. 


I think this explains why Tucker Carlson keeps his job. He's well-spoken and comes across as healthy and fairly competent. Presumably, as per Cole, he's polite to folk backstage. You're supposed to be magnanimous in the noblesse oblige way, but camouflage it all as humble. Do favours for folk but always preface it with, "It could happen to anyone," or, depending on the specifics, pretend it's not a favour at all. Patronize them but let them pretend it's not patronizing. I can see Tucker pulling that off.

It's just that the modern social system rewards defectors and punishes cooperators, and you have to do an enormous amount of work to pervert it into rewarding cooperators. Being "polite" means flattering chuds, actual-deplorable leftists, grognards, and criminals. The worse they behave the more important it is to avoid "hating" on them. Because #lovespeech, lol. 

It requires fancier and fancier gymnastics to exclude bad actors from your comfy social club. Indeed, this is much of why cancel culture is so manic: when someone finally gives you an excuse to exclude them, all the pent-up exclusion energy tries to ground itself through that one guy. 

I also want to point out that playing by the rules (not using gynmastics) works basically fine but is far too easy. It's downright boring. The rules are childishly simplistic if you're willing to accept the putrid fallout of following the rules as written.

In any case, the system itself is low-status, and, in the fullness of time, Gnon will witch-hunt it. 

Indeed, if you look at male suicide rates and female happiness since being "liberated" in the 1970s, Gnon is already witch-hunting the system's devotees.

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