Saturday, December 10, 2022

Expect Twitter File to Hit Like Climategate

Thinking: basic historical correspondence.

You can expect Fascist censorship to be as badly affected as the climate grift was affected. The data feels almost identical to me.

None of it matters, because you don't own DOJ. It doesn't matter how badly they misbehave if you are either unwilling or unable to shoot them until they stop. 

P.S. "Journalism: we report, you decide."
"Can I read the twitter files myself?"
<< ¡transparency! >>


Alternatively, you could stop using platforms owned by your sworn enemies. At least, not without employing serious camouflage.
Yes, build your own twitter. Maybe stop begging foreigners to make all your stuff and give it to you for free. 

But what do I know? I'm some nonspecific pseudonymous avatar. If you take all your advice from random assholes on the internet, you're probably not gonna make it.

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